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  5. Nurbo89
    Nurbo89 CohhCarnage
    Hey Cohh I'm a viewer/sub of your channel for 2+ years. Your channels Tsunami of "Good Vibes" has motivated me to try streaming my self. I have recently started streaming and I love it, in my first month I logged 58 Hours streamed. I don't know if this is the right place for this but I was wondering how do I join the Cohhilition Stream team. I hope this message reaches you good sir and as always "GOOD SHOW".
  6. klitcomm_aka_jonjon
  7. beny8610
    chilling watching cohh's vids
  8. D3m0n928
  9. LupusCardinal
    Wasn't there a page that showed all available bot commands? cohhHmm
    1. alysante
      There was but it got removed cohhFeels
      Nov 17, 2017 at 4:44 PM
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  11. Scarzie
    Fazing in and out of Reality and Fantasy
  12. TheGamerDomain
    Does anyone know what sound effects Cohh uses for his DC+SC/Soundboard Software?
  13. TheGamerDomain
    Thought I'd pop in and say Cohh you are an incredible streamer and your community is rad! I wish I had a community like yours! <3
  14. pruuner
  15. Avarax7
    How do you enter the hugeaway?
    1. hellbornnl
      dont know if somebody answered but in the topbar you have a Hugeaway Eligibility wit a word in a red box behind it. if it says manual you gotta click the word and enter via the website it sends you to
      Oct 31, 2017
  16. snakeyes646
    Loving AC origins and watching cohhcarnage play too!
  17. xenyx666
    Hello, can anyone help me. I changed my twitch name ti Seinoc. How do i change it inhere? or atleast add twitch account to this?
  18. Chrism3831
    AC: Origins seems like a great game!
  19. Pavost3R
    Pavost3R Rodr1c
    Hello, dear Rodr1c .. I need some help to change my e-mail account on here.. I hope you will see this and help out when you can.. Thanks
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