North Carolina Consumer Fireworks Help Needed

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Hello everyone! :cohhHi: :cohhHi:

I've been apart of the community for a few years and wanted to reach out for some help if allowed.

Mods: Please let me know if this post is not allowed.

I'd appreciate both sides if you have positives or negatives on what we are trying to do, we need these discussions to help improve what we need to go over with the NC committee.

The Overview: Anyone here from North Carolina? I'm apart of a pyrotechnics incorporated group and we are pushing a new House Bill to Legalize Consumer Fireworks in this state and need alot of support for it to have a hearing. We have new officials in office who support it we just need more eyes on the bill. This Bill would make 1.4 Consumer fireworks legal including "aerials" and have a 5% tax that goes to all NC Fire Departments as well as training and education on Fireworks safety. We are aiming to do everything we can to advocate for safety safety safety with this bill and the use of fireworks. Most of North Carolina citizens go to neighboring states and pickup illegal fireworks anyway and bring them back in to shoot them off "people liek the good stuff" as it's not really enforced. The state would gain some revenue that can be put to other areas and it would greatly support our fire departments and allow new business to move into our state but again doing everything we can to make sure everyone is using fireworks safely.

Our Contacts: We have a Facebook page where we keep up to date our progress and you can talk with other pyros Consumer or professional as well as anyone who likes fireworks.
You can find that here: ... 751037327/

The House Bill:…/Bills/ ... S590v1.pdf

North Carolina does not allow signed petitions for this matter thus we can only "Call, Email and send in letters" of what we are aiming to do so that they can have a hearing of the bill.

I appreciate anyone who would like to help or be apart of this. If you have concerns or not we'd like to hear them so we can discuss them and make sure we cover all grounds on both sides.

:cohhGV: To you all and hope to see you in Cohh's steams!

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