Cohhilition Guild Rules

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Guild Rules:
  • Happy, Helpful and Respectful at all times.
  • Guild chat is not the place for any discussions that would cause friction / drama. This includes discussions regarding guild politics. Please keep those in tells.
  • Remember the guild is designed for people who like these rules. If they feel restrictive (IE, "I should be able to talk how I want to and say what I want!") this is not the guild for you.
  • No Homophobic or Racial Slurs in guild chat
  • Do not hack, bot, violate game publisher terms of service, or run exploits.
  • Do not scam other players
Rules of Engagement:
  • Carry the guild tag with honor and respect at all times.
  • Our guild supports the idea of an east side that fights as one - do not attack other green guilds unless you are provoked, or threatened. Known west faction character's east alts are an exception, and approved on a case by case basis - speak with a guild officer prior to engaging.
  • Bloodlust mode should never be engaged unless approved by a guild officer.
Guild Fishing & Tradeskills:
  • The most up to date collection of guild crafting proficiency for skills above 10k can be located here: ... 2107988160
  • Updates to this list should be sent via in game mail to Spencerman when you reach milestones (i.e. next 10k segment)
The purge:

In an effort to keep our guild list up to date with active players, each Sunday we will have a purge of the guild list by removing members that have not been logged in within 30 days. If you find you've been removed due to this, speak with an officer and we'll gladly extend an invite back into the guild.

Private teamspeak and forums:

Use of teamspeak ( is high recommend. Both for coordination during groups/raids, but also for the social aspect. We keep a pretty lively channel, and sometimes messages in guild chat get overlooked.

  • To join the guild, speak with a guild officer, commander or the Guild Leader. They'll review these rules with you, and ask a few questions to ensure it is a mutual fit.
  • If you have a poor reputation on the server, you will not be invited into the guild.
  • By joining the guild, you agree to follow each rule outlined here.
  • This is a drama free zone - if you enjoy causing drama, this isn't the guild for you.
  • Not just a typically fruit filled confectionery treat, In the Cohhilition, Pie is our way of asking people to "X up" for an activity. We do this because it's much easier to right click on your name in guild chat for a party invite than to type or look in the guild list. So, for instance, if you see "Cinder Pie" in chat, it means a group is forming to do a trade run to Cinderstone Moore.
  • From time to time, A trade run may get jumped by reds/purples. This calls for an immediate response by anyone able to help try and recover/prevent loss of packs. Any assistance offered would be appreciated. Plus it makes for some of the most intense fun & pvp experiences.
  • There are very few bosses in the world, they have a very long respawn, and a server full of people who need them daily.
  • When the call goes out in guild chat for world boss, if you want/need it, drop what you are doing and go. If you are in the middle of something time sensitive and cannot go, don't pie up.
  • Wait to hit the boss until the raid leader says go. Different people have different quests requirements. If you are not on TeamSpeak, you may not know this.
  • If you die, don't release to a Nui unless the raid leader tells you to as this could put you out of range for quest completion.
  • Don't loot the boss. If someone is dead and out of range, they may not get the roll.
  • Be aware of others in the area and point them out. Other guilds may need the quest as well so speak up if someone is asking for invite and is not seen by the leader.

  • Promotions within the guild ranks are handled by the guild leader on an as needed basis.
Guild leader:

Commanders in the guild:

Officers in the guild:

These rules are subject to change - make sure to stop back to review them from time to time. We'll announce in guild chat when a new version goes live.
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