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Wanted to let you guys in on a High dps Tornado shot build, which I personally love.

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:44 am
by RiIvenar
Even though this build is quite expensive, it's really easy to get a high dps without all these insanely expensive stats, i've just maxed my build out with the currency that I had.
for the veterans around here I also wanna mention that this is not a MF build, I deliberately decided that because everyone is doing MF TS builds.
for anyone who wants to know how to get by with low currency:

jewels !!! this is a big one for this build
just search on for 25+ life and increased att spd if crit recently. (blue ones only ~magic~quality)
then regal it in the hope for a decent extra one, this saved me a about 1 ex total on "starter jewels" since you get around 4/5 jewels under 6c instead of wasting 20c a piece

get bubonic boots with this enchant:
Increased lightning damage if you haven't killed recently, this helps a lot against harder mobs/ bosses. about 1 ex but you can keep it till end game so worth investment, any rare boots with high life and movement spd is nice before you get this one tho.

Obscurantis, this is one of those helmets thats underrated imo, it gives good hp and damage since we have a bit acc, more life then rat's nest, and more damage then starkonja or rat's nest (the two biggest unique's for ts)
early in the league can be quite expensive since its a guardian drop, just wait for a bit should drop to a couple c (early league around 20/30c later about 2-5)

this build is uberlab viable so don't bother to buy the ts enchant this saves 20 EX if you do get the +2 enchantment:D

my belt is one of the most expensive item in my build this is because of the base, feel free to get another belt. just make sure to get all the resses.

as for the glove try to get life + the resses you need to get around 85+ resses plus a open suffix for the att spd craft.


Hope you guys like this one, for any questions feel free to ask them :D