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[3.7 WIP] Melt the World - Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Chieftain

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 7:05 am
by Arandur87
Hi there!

After reading the Chieftain changes today on the PoE Forums ( first point in the list) and the already announced changes to Cyclone/Melee in generall, I decided to theorycraft a Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone build with one of my most beloved Ascendancys: The Chieftain!

I will update this short guide when new Infos come out, and complete the PoB-build once patchnotes are out and PoB is updated.
For now I just have filled out a placeholder tree with the current passives.

Pros & Cons

+ 6.5k Life in dirt cheap/SSF gear easily optainable (with optimized Gear you can probably reach 9k)
+ 70%+ phys damage mitigation without Flasks or Proccs
+ 2000+ Regen without any extra regen on gear without Flasks or Proccs
+ 1000+ Leech/Gain without any extra leech on gear without Flasks or Proccs
+ Free extra Damage from Endurance Charges as a Bonus on top of their defensive benefits
+ Immune to Knockback, Stun and Slow below Base Speed
+ 1.8 Million DPS with really shitty Gear (look at PoB) if every Ball hits a Target
+ highly mobile

- dependend on the Weapon to properly work
- Required Gear is highly demanded, thus not cheap
- Melee
- Socket starved if highly optimized

1. Skilltree

Pretty straightforward: Life, Endurance Charges, Hit Chance, Fire Damage, Attack Speed. Keynotes are Elemental Overload for that juicy 40% more Ele Damage and Avatar of Fire for full Fire conversion. Further Iron Reflex if you plan on using some Evasion Gear and Point Blank for massive damage boost for our Molten Burst.
On top of that, we have easy access to 3 Jewel Slots (more if you level past 90) and 3 Extra Endurance Charges and free Onslaught because of Slaughter (Axe Node to the left).

For the new Ascendancy:

2. Essential Items

Ngamahu's Flame. The build is completely build around this weapon:

Kaom's Roots. Immunity to stun, Knockback and Slow below Base Speed with up to 200 Life for the Price of not having sockets. Fair deal as we don't need so much Gem slots anyways:

3. Recomended Uniques

Dying Sun Flask. 2 additional Projeciles is huge for the build. And increased Area of Effect is nice for Cycloning.

Wise Oak Flask. 10-15% Fire Pen is another great damage boost for us. Because Chieftain allready has lots of buildin Fire Res, we don't need to worry about Fire Res beeing the highest for Wise Oak to benefit the build:

4. Usable Uniques

Kaom's Way. If you have enough currency, this Ring provides you with an extra Endurance Charge, Life regen, some flat Life and Strength and Life Gain on hit (which is really good because of Cyclone+Molten Brust hitting multiple Enemies frequently resulting in ~200-400 Life gain per second easily. Little Math: Molten Burst has 3 Projectiles with a CD of 0.15s. With Dying Sun Flask and Greater Multiple Projectiles Support, we fire 9 Projectiles every 0.15s at best resulting in ~60 Balls generated each second. 60*4 = 240 Life gained from the balls alone, if every Ball hits a target. Add Cyclone hits on top of that and you can see where this is going.:

Doryani's Invitaion. Unique Belt from Aziri which can dropp in different Variants. The Fire one is usable in this build, until you can get your hands on a really good Abyssal Belt with Elemental Damage from Fossil-crafting. Doryani's gives you Fire Damage, some Life through Strength, some Armour, Some extra Leech and the two Resists you're most likely missing, making it a solid early game choice: ... re_Damage)

Kaom's Heart. This beast of a chestpiece provides you with 500 Life and 20-40% increased Fire Damage for the cost of not having sockets. Together with the Kaom's Roots Boots, this would result in a really optimized Gearsetup and most likely not reachable for the average player. However, if you end up having really optimized gear, you can most certainly use this chest to push the build to its limits:

There may be more uniques you could potential use, but are so situatonal or not easily optainable (like The Formless Inferno Helmet if you feel to squishy) that I don't want to list more, so noone feels obligated to get them.

5. Skills

Most obvious, the core skill of the build is Cyclone. Cyclone is getting reworked with patch 3.7 so it becomes a channeling skill with controllable movement speed. If your mouse cursor points far away from you while you spin, you move faster. If the cursor is near you, you spin slower with no movement at all, if the cursor points at your character! This change makes Cyclone more controlable, because you can adjust your movement in a better way and because it's a channeling skill in the future, you can cancle it every time you want, without spinning a bit to far like now.
This also means, we can utilize the Cast while Channeling support gem for fancy Curse shenenigans:
So this will be our main Setup to trigger the Balls from our Weapon (socket into Chest, If you want to use Kaom's Heart, socket it in a pair of Elder Gripped Gloves with Faster attacks mod and cut inc AoE):

Cyclone - Faster Attacks - Cast while Channeling - Flammability - - Infused Channeling - Increased AoE

Infused Channeling provides us with more defense (6% less phys damage taken while channeling + 8% less damage from hits matching the Cyclone Skill Gem's Tags, e.g. Channeling, Melee, Attack, AoE, Movement) and buffs our Skills with matching types with a 10% MORE Multiplier. And because Molten Burst is considered "Projectile, AoE, Attack", we get that bonus for the matching "Attack, AoE"!

Sockets in our Weapon are used to buff up the damage of the Ngamahu's Molten Burst. Those Sockets don't have to be linked!!!! Just 6 socket AND NOT LINK the sockets and put in support gems!:

Greater Multiple Projectiles - Vicious Projectiles - Combustion - Added Fire Damage

Those 4 are the core setup. The last 2 are situational:

If you have the feeling, that you're on full Life all the time, you can take in Damage on Full Life. If your Life plays Yoho, you can also roll another green Socket and use Slower Projectiles

Increased AoE for clearing and Concentrated Effect on Bosses share a interchangable blue slot. If you feel that your AoE-coverage is good enough without Increased AoE, than you can use Immolate for clearing in the blue slot.

If you use Kaom's Roots, but not Kaom's Heart and use your chestpiece for the Cyclone-Setup, you now have 2 more 4-Socket items for more Skillsetups (Helmet and Gloves). I recomended using tho following Skills (in decreasing usefullness):

Herald of Ash - Herald of Purity - Anger - Enlighten (If you don't have Enlighten lvl 3/4 or are tight on sockets because of the Kaoms items, just ditch out Anger/Enlighten)
Molten Shell / Immortal Call - Increased Duration (the defensive skills are reworked, more in the News on the above linked PoE-Website. Depending on the final numbers and the amount of Armour your character ends up having, either Molten Shell or Immortal Call will be better)
Ancestral Protector if you want more Attack Speed on Bossfights
War Banner if you need Accuracy and don't use Anger
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks if you have spare Sockets and want a Movementskill to traverse Gaps/Obstacles.

6. Stat Priorities

+ Life
+ capped Resistences
+ Hit chance to cap (with 3.7. the cap will be 100% instead of 95%)
+ Life Gain on hit / Life Regen
+ Attack Speed
+ Flat Physical/Fire damage to Attacks like on Steel Rings and Jewels
+ %Fire Damage
+ Projectile Damage (Gripped Gloves!)

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here, I will do my best to help you!
As mentioned above, I will keep this Guide up to date until the Patch goes live as more and more changes get public.

Until then: Stay sane Exiles!

Re: [3.7 WIP] Melt the World - Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Chieftain

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:44 am
by Arandur87
Tree is updated, not much changed for the build.

Gems are not updated yet as PoB is not up to date :/