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[3.8] BIG DPS Spectre Summoner - Suggesion for Cohh's Blight League Build

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:16 pm
by RedDragonRob
One of the builds I've been looking at a lot but ultimately decided against.. but Cohh mentioned he might be interested in soo.. here goes.
This is a spectre summoner build that focuses on having a small team of super strong minions. It is a cheap league starter that excels at boss killing while also having good survivability and map clearing speed.
League Starter - Wand & Shield is the basic build that works from a fresh league start on day 1. The build focuses on Slave Driver spectres. It uses equipment you can pick up or buy for cheap, and can clear Uber Elder with a modest budget. It includes a detailed levelling guide, a detailed breakdown on gear/items/gems, basic crafting guides and a list of alternate spectres.

Endgame Options expands on the wand & shield build with advanced crafting guides, gear suggestions and gem alternatives to increases DPS and survivability.

Build Variant - Pledge of Hands uses the Plege of Hands unique staff to give you the perfect blend of endgame DPS and survivability. The guide includes a level 68 transition tree and a detailed breakdown on gear/items/gems. Note that this build requires a much higher currency investment than the wand & shield build.