Twitch issues duel pc while gaming

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Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:11 pm

Hi I've searched and can't find any info or help for this.

I game and watch twitch frequently with no issues. However at times on certain games such as path of exiles my twitch stream on second monitor will stutter both video an audio. But will work 50% if the time, no drop in internet at all, when it happens closing the game will restore the stream.

I hope it's not a hardware limitation as my setup has cost me quite a bit

I5 7600k clocked to 4.30
Gtx 1080
16gb ram 3200
Both monitors 1080p 144hz

Could it be due to gaming in windowed or fullcreen should I use one over the other when gaming and also watching twitch.

My main monitor is g sync could that be causing any issues?

Thanks for any help or tips
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