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Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:59 pm
by DoogenAC
I am sharing this Atlas server's availability here and on my small discord, pretty much everyone there is from here anyways. (My discord is (edited to be a perma-link))- you don't need to join there to play and we'd love to hear from you and hang out if you do!!)

server name: doogenation
password: doogs

Dozens of you have played on servers I've run. Esp. while we are early in early access, I will from time to time turn on admin mode if that can help correct *code and logic bugs*. I wanna play and earn things normally, and YES the game is just rocky right now. But I've watched ARK, DNL, CONAN, 7D2D and others get through this buggy time, I enjoy trying new stuff out, and am willing to weather the trials of early access. Please note, survival games are NOT for everyone, and EARLY ACCESS SURVIVAL GAMES can really burn a lot of time and good will.

To mitigate some of the pain, I hope to setup something like 1.5 to 3x on rates, gathering and taming in order to increase play time and decrease dull gathering time. Will do that after we run for a day. I may for example allow unlimited respecs. More to come and I'll note that stuff on my discord #atlas channel rather than create another thread here that's a mile long. Questions? see me on my discord. :)

As always with a "doogenation" server, keep your chat, discord chatter, your topics of conversation, player names, ship names... civil. If that is somehow confusing, go find another server.

We ARE set to PvP and many of us will likely settling into a cooperative PvE style of play. We are greatly at default settings for today's launch.


Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:33 pm
by DoogenAC
For my European friends who aren't seeing the server on the list:


We are set to 2.5x exp; 2x gathering; engrams are SAME for first 8 levels, and since we'll have a smaller group, they ramp up every ten levels, and each tenth level will give you a few bonus engrams points. Goal being to be able to see a little less than half the skill tree per player, so that a team of 2-4 can actually experience a lot of the skill tree.

So far about six of us in a collaborative group. This 2x2 map has 23 islands to explore!


Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:37 pm
by DoogenAC
Company D will be recruiting this evening and launching a new warship! Tales of high seas and great adventure are pouring in!

Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:20 pm
by DoogenAC
Ver 10 should be ready for Atlas players on steam tomorrow Cohhilition!

Comms and stability are pretty good and not perfect just yet. the 2x2 has two login nodes. If you are kicked or experience connectivity (e.g. I lost session connection yesterday), browse the public list and login using the "other" (SE) server.

this seems to cure most of our comms issues.

I'm working on tossing more hardware towards the problem.

CPJET64's contributions (not sure if he is a Cohhilition member) are immeasurable to my progress.
FOXJET's setup/management/backup and cross-server comms utility is going into effect tomorrow; we should have very regular backups versus my manual backups; and if a map server crashes (have seen 2 in ~9 days), we should have his cool program restarting worlds within minutes if there are crashes.

So far we have about 15 regular players and more are welcome!

Longer term I am working on plans to extend the 2x2 to something larger. I'm looking at adding a little more terrain to the 2x2 as one possibility. Our Pirates might have some uh, new unexplored land coming soon.

And in a few weeks, a larger map grid to play on.

Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:40 am
by DoogenAC
3x2 map is now in effect. I've added powerstone and other islands to the east of the original layout, and I've dropped a few new islands into the wider/open ocean spaces on a few of the original map grids.

We're testing an older system to see if it can run the two new map grids now. Bear with me if it's performance is not quite as snazzy in C1, C2 as A1, A2, B1, B2 are.

Cross-map chat is in place, please keep it civil, and each company try to limit land claims on each isle to lower numbers so that others can also use them.

We anticipate that ver 10 atlas rules will allow more flexible use of the land claim flags as a new feature update coming out this week.


Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:20 pm
by DoogenAC
btw folks I mistakenly copied a temporary discord link for sharing in the original post. is a perma-link to my discord. I use it to let folks know of restarts, updates, we discuss settings for the server.

We're applying MS patches and making the dino tame and gestations timeframes a little more IRL friendly today.

game on!

Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:06 pm
by DoogenAC
the 3x2 Atlas cluster is now running Cross-Ark-Chat for map-to-map-discord channel chat integration. is the program I'm using for that.

Note this now:

1. continues to allow map-to-map global chat
2. replicates LOCAL
3. will enable me setting up timed commands (not working yet)
4. the discord channel now shows players coming and going (logins) on the map zones.

if you do hang out on my discord, you may want to right-click and mute the #atlasserverchat channel if there are lots of notifications.


Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:40 am
by DoogenAC
Because we have very little who are performing PvP actions...
And because we expect that at a few weeks of time invested …
and with very very little PvP actions thus far (aside from me accidentally clobbering someone's raft recently)...
that some folks would be greatly upset at the degree of violence that comes with public PvP servers,

THEREFORE, and as an attempt to balance interests.....(and we have pvp interests!)...

If you want to ELECT to enroll in PvP at sea, name your vessels accordingly.


We're a PvP server, but please no offline raiding. No destruction at docks. PvP at sea, and FEAR THE DREAD SHIPS!

If you're going to be a bad pirate, be clever about it!

Stay tuned for a PvP event in the near future. Details to come! :)

Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:16 pm
by DoogenAC
hiho folks. new internet installed today.

patching and launching ATLAS shortly.

Please note that if you are using STEAM CONNECT strings, IP address has changed, refresh your links using: ... &players=0

(should be working in about 15 mins) if you happen to read this immediately after I post.


Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:49 pm
by Naughty_Z00T
TY Doog for upgrading the server to 5x5. Having a blast and can't wait to explore the new grids. :cohhGV: :cohhGG:


Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:49 pm
by xenomogwai
Doog upgraded us to a 5x5 grid guys. Come join us! We are pvp but its laid back. Server rules are pretty simple. No offline raiding, PvP ships should have dreadship, D.S. or DS in the name. This will tell everyone you are free game. You aren't allowed to shoot at non DS ships first but if they attack you, game on. And lastly don't be a dick. Players are slightly boosted to allow for smaller groups to accomplish more without needing a company of 50+. :cohhGV: :cohhCheer:

Re: Atlas 2x2 server is up

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:05 pm
by CptnEddy
Been playing on this server since I bought the game (never played on officials) and been having a blast with an awesome group of people (over 400+ hours already hehehe). If you are tired of oficial servers filled with griefers/cheaters etc, come try playing with us. We are all about :cohhGV: and fun. The more the merrier.

The server admin is very helpful and helps out in the event of an unfortunate situation caused by random bugs (nobody likes to lose their galleon due to a server wall transition bug right?). You don't need to play on the same company as him for that. You can bring some friends and start your own company, join us, play solo as if single player, become allies, neutral etc of others (PvP ships must be dread ships, like the post above says).

We like some PvP aspects, but we ain't hardcore PvPers, so do take that into account. :cohhGV:

We have enhanced taming efficiency, gathering, and some other stuff like more skill points per level with around the first 50 levels. Each point into stats (health, weight, etc) also increases those stats more than normal (on pets too! so that alphas aren't as much of a problem... just try and avoid alpha tigers and alpha yetis hehehe). The purpose for this is to be able to take on hard PvE events without the need for a massive amount of people.

Difficulty level is 1.2x on most sectors (so max wild level animals and SotD is 36. Animal max level scales with wild level, and SotD loot scales with level, so win win :cohhGG: ).

Powerstone islands will of course have animals with big levels. Some sectors may have an isolated difficulty level much higher than normal for funsies :cohhR: :cohhH: :cohhKing: :cohhMy:

Just don't grief, cheat, offline raid etc... and everyone will have a great time!

Any questions, come join us on discord and ask away!