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Atlas 5x5 PvPvE online

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:58 pm
by DoogenAC
I've been slowing upgrading my server(s) at home; my Atlas server is now a 5x5 map. Features include:
  • All powerstone isles are present
    One map grid is being reserved for the "Trench" coming later this month
    Due to smaller player base and difficulty, we have locked the Fountain of Youth in place so it's not a nightmare to find.
    We're slightly "multiplied", e.g. faster gathering, faster taming settings are in place, but nothing too game breaking
    The Maw is available if you can get all the powerstones. Release the Kraken!
    We have max level of 150 (likely to go up). Everyone can get to level 51; discoveries and questing allow you more of the 51-150 levels.
    Seek out more than 130 discoveries in your adventures!
    Level your ships to 70!
    Max wild pet spawn levels is 34
    PvP is not very big on the server, and we are going with an arrangement->If you want to participate in elective PvP:
    1. No offline Raiding
    2. PvP ships need to include "Dread Ship..." "DS..." or "D.S." in your ship names. When manned and not in home port, Dread Ships are fair game for PvP!
    3. Raid bases, but don't wreck them completely. have fun but don't have fun at others' expense!
The server has cross-world chat enabled across all 25 zones and one of my discord channels. Enroll in that chat and receive updates, chat with the community, etc at

Thanks to our dozen or so steady players for your support, we see participation about 18 out of 24 hours every day!
Keep it Civil and have fun!
Servername: Doogenation
Password: doogs

Re: Atlas 5x5 PvPvE online

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:16 pm
by Naughty_Z00T
Having a blast Doog! Max Wild Creatures are 36. I've seen that level while playing with "WILD" in their title. TY for all the hard work on getting server running, upgrading, and keeping it running :cohhGV: :cohhGG:

Anyone laid back looking to play with like minded civil players, COME JOIN US!!


Re: Atlas 5x5 PvPvE online

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 1:53 am
by DoogenAC
HI Folks we have settled into the longer stretch with Atlas, players are fading off to other games. To keep things interesting on the high seas:

General Thoughts
  • I've tried to make this an Atlas experience for smaller groups and even solo play. You can level to 50ish on the starter areas. But get out! Build a boat!
  • We are up to a 5x5 design now.
  • The Starter Isle in grid location A1 has a community center where new folks can collaborate and get off to a quicker start. Crafting stations are available there. Play nice and don't try to take those claims please.
  • As you go further away from A1, you may find islands with higher level tames. now, about 15% of the islands could get you tames that level up into the 100-200 range, rarer even, approaching 250!
  • All eight powerstone islands are available.
  • All Grids and my discord server atlas chat are integrated so that general chat works across all the maps. Believe it or not this hasn't been a problem yet, and yes, Chuck Norris jokes are approved.
  • We all have limited time for entertainment. I've sped up the game somewhat. We have higher than default gathering and tame rates.
I ask that folks keep the chat civil, expect there could be 13 year olds playing (there aren't), expect that players can be using speakers vs headphones, so there may be non-gamer moms, grandmas, and kids around and your voice chat is going into other's (any my) home, please keep chat and language civil enough ("PG-13ish" seems to work for those who ask). And yes, the later night crowd has fun getting a little rowdy. Use your judgement, many of the server's players are US Prime-time focused. And... we have a few European and Australian players too!

Overall vibe on the server is pretty chill, PVE and cooperative. There ARE folks interested in PVP hanging out, but they seem to have few targets. More ARE DESIRED.

As of about 2/17, note there are easier-quality-of-life- default settings for how the Fountain of Youth works in official, I've also mirrored those.
PVE settings are on; for full out PVP ships need to be named "Dread Ship (whatever)" or "D.S. …" or "DS … " Expect that if you have your ship named something along these lines, that you are fair game in any sea, while your vessel is manned.

I have a company, "Company D" where our more active players have congregated. We are on later prime time hours east coast and into the late night most weekends!

Oh and most recently I've installed a music+ bot (Dyno bot) on the discord server this week, so if you're hanging out w/ us there, Guest DJs are welcome!

Servername: Doogenation
Password: doogs
Discord as you wish:

Re: Atlas 5x5 PvPvE online

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 5:34 pm
by Naughty_Z00T
TY Doog for updated info. Still having great time on the server and now we can tame higher lvl creatures!! I REALLY need to get out and learn the whole sailing thing but having blast taming stuff. :cohhGG: :cohhGV:

Re: Atlas 5x5 PvPvE online

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:17 pm
by Naughty_Z00T
Higher Lvl Wild Creatures NOW. Come Join Us!