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Just a survey for any needs

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:28 am
by F33dMyB3lly
Hello there Cohhilition!

I was just wondering, if there is any need for u awsome people for any cohhmunity tournament in any on-going game or old game alike.
I don't plan on hosting any right now. I just thought maybe we can get together and talk about what we may all want to see our fellow cohhmunity members fight each other. :)
Maybe we can also meet and some of you super generous people may even host or give prizes for any of the events. Please if u have any ideas about what game you would want to see, just post it here and let's discuss possibilities.
My few choices which I would like to see is:
  • A BR in H1Z1 between only cohhmunity members and see who is the Best in our ranks. :) Even though I don't play H1Z1 myself this would still be entertaining in my opinion.
  • Maybe a kind of tournament to find out the best Monster player and Hunter team in the cohhmunity, but this will definetly need a lot of thinking what and how to get down.
  • And last a Nosgoth tournament, which game I play myself nowadays. To find out who is the Best in the never ending war between humans and vampires.
And again if you have any other idea about what tournament you may want to see or be apart of please share it.
Who knows maybe Cohh will want to host 1 of them. ;)
Thanks for anyone who replies or gives ideas! Let's try and make some fun for ourselves too!

Love all your faces!!!!!