Helpful Links for Cohh's Elite Dangerous VR Playthrough

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So first of all, Cohh should definitely try the tutorials. The latest update, 2.2 Guardians, added more and voiced tutorials. But don't expect to know everything once you jump into the galaxy. Far from it.

To see Twitch chat in VR, like this:
Use this: (it might not be visible to viewers, only to the player, unless you're streaming the mirror, which would mean worse quality)
A new alternative is available for the Rift if that doesn't work:

To get any window inside VR, like this: [MEDIA=youtube]-RYfSKKrSX8[/MEDIA]
This was really built for the HTC Vive, but there is a guide to make it work with the Rift here: ... t=itafwp3c

Highly recommend for voice commands (there are many buttons in Elite) + (which basically adds a ship computer with the voice of William Shatner, Tom Baker, Brent Spiner, etc).
This is how it looks:

ED Profiler is an awesome tool that lets you change things quickly:

If Cohh wants another HUD color:

A guide to make Elite look as good as you can in VR: ... AL-CLEAR-D

A problem with Elite + VR is the control of the Galaxy Map. He shouldn't use the mouse, as it's a 2D control in a 3D environment. It's much better if sets up his controls with the HOTAS.
The controls are preferential, but for the X-52 this is recommended:
  • Pitch up/down - tilt map up/down
  • Stick twist (yaw) - rotate map around vertical axis
  • Throttle hat - forward/back/left/right movement across the plane of the map
  • Wheel around the E button on top of the throttle - clockwise for moving up vertically through the map, counterclockwise for moving down vertically through the map
  • Mouse wheel on the throttle - zoom in/out
  • Main stick hat - UI selection
  • Secondary stick hat - UI tabbing left/right
E :D Reference Sheet Generator:

There are A LOT more tools for Elite (the community is insane) but at the beginning they aren't essential. If he continues to play Elite though, these will make his life 10 times easier: - for a good overview of what's happening in the galaxy - for everything related to ships (alternative: - for traveling and finding things - for everything Engineers - if he ever runs out of fuel and gets stuck (although I'm sure the community here will save him)

If he's curious about where the game is with the content:
2.3 and 2.4 are the last updates for Horizons (+ 1.8 and 1.9 for the base game) and are expected to arrive most likely in the first half of 2017).

Hope this helps him in some way! o7
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