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Pantheon Update: May, June, July, August

Posted: Sun Aug 25, 2019 11:33 am
by dylan_landry
Post: Motion, Magic, Managing, and Motivation Make May Magnificent
  • New Wizard projectile effects [video]
  • New Warrior animations [video]
  • New climbing animations [video]
  • Interview with project manager Lynn Ashworth [article]
Post: Summer Solstice Sparks Sizzling Stories
  • Summary of new area, Faerthale [article]
  • Introduction of first signature character, Thaeolyn Greyborne [article]
  • Interview with QA tester, Tyler Stokes [article]
Post: Anniversaries, Artwork, and Animation are Awesome!
  • Climbing gameplay demo [video]
  • Design, modelling, and texturing of the Oldwood Tree [article]
  • Shaman and Cleric spell effects [video]
  • Introduction of second signature character, Bel-Iris [article]
Post: Climate and Acclimation,Tohrn Elves, Arakā€™amel Dhaun, and Wisdom Take the August Stage
  • Pre alpha 5 will be streamed by approved streamers, likely including Cohh [article]
  • Introduction to extreme climates and acclimating your character [article]
  • Introduction of enemy type Torhn elves [video] [article]
  • New signature character Arak'amel Dhaun [article]
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