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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an in development massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) which aims to reestablish and improve on some old school MMORPG aspects like player interaction, player companionship, and meaningful challenge and consequence.

The following is a summary the Pantheon developer's March newsletter.

*Quotes may be edited for brevity and clarity.

You Might Have Lost an Hour of Sleep, But You Gained an Awesome Newsletter
"We spring into action to deliver our next timeless newsletter. Both Under Wraps and Behind the Design are back this month with Under Wraps diving deeper into the methodology behind Project Faerthale, while Behind the Design focuses on our Disposition system. Next, our producers and directors answer some of our community’s questions that we pulled in from our various social media accounts. We finish off our March Newsletter in style as we sit down with Vigilantee13 in our newest Community Member Spotlight."
Newsletter Content
  1. Under Wraps describes Visionary Realms testing out a new planned event involving weather effects. This is likely an implementation of their Climate and Acclimation or Atmosphere and Artefact systems as mentioned in the previous newsletter's Behind the Design.
    They also have implemented a rudimentary crafting system so they can begin working on the UI. However, that's all the information we have for now.
  2. Behind the design describes a way by which Visionary Realms plans to make Pantheon difficult, through the Disposition system. Enemy's may have particular descriptions, such as "cunning" or "deranged" by which their behaviours are modified.
    A "Deranged" Lizardman
    • Is immune to Stun, Mesmerize, and other disorienting effects.
    • Will attempt to flee at unpredictable times and in erratic ways.
    A "Cunning" Lizardman
    • Can see through Stealth.
    • Cannot be attacked from behind or pick-pocketed.
    • Is vulnerable to ranged attacks.
    Here is a list of other Dispositions you could encounter as you explore Terminus.
    • Cunning
    • Deranged
    • Predatory
    • Pyrophobic
    • Alarmist
    • Sniper
    • Bloodthirsty
    • Acrobatic
    • Truesight
    • Avenging
    • Playful
    • Mastermind
  3. Reader Questions answers recently submitted user questions. Here are some I found interesting.
    Caine asks: How subtle can the perception system get? Will my appreciation for exploring every nook and cranny of the world pay off?

    Chris Perkins: Yes. The Perception system is designed to cover a broad spectrum of story-related, discoverable content. This will include epic, overarching storylines and insight into prominent events and points of interest. But it will also guide players into discovering the smaller, more intricate details of the world. The goal is that as players become more familiar with the Perception system, they will carry a sense of expectation for what things they might discover, great or small, in the “nooks and crannies” across Terminus.
    @Bazgrim Tv asks: In such a group-oriented game, how will systems (such as the caravan system) work to allow people with limited play time to make progress with sessions of only a few hours at a time, without often inconveniencing the groups they join?

    Chris Perkins: Maximizing group play time for people with limited schedules is an important part of our design philosophy. We have several ideas in mind for how we want to approach this, including the Caravan system, but we are not ready to share details at this time.
    Bloodfire asks: How do you locate a quest? I understand you want it to be part of the perception system, but can you give us a solid example of how this will play out in game? I'd really like to see the text of a typical quest. Will they be as cryptic as EQ1? I realise that is three questions, but I guess it will need one answer.

    Chris Perkins: There is a distinction between “basic” quests, which are available to everyone, and the quests connected to the Perception system, which we call Storylines, available only to Keepers. Since I did a Behind the Design on the Perception system recently, I’ll use this opportunity to explain basic quests more clearly.

    You will find basic quests scattered throughout every part of Terminus, especially around residential areas such as outposts, villages, cities, etc. Any time you encounter an NPC who will speak with you, there is a chance that NPC could have a quest available. And the only way you will know is if you speak with them. The only exception to that being certain NPCs who will /wave or a similar emote as players walk by to announce they have something they want you to hear or do.

    Most conversations with NPCs will include a bit of personal insight about the individual you are speaking with and some context about local or regional happenings. But if the NPC has a quest available, they will also include making a small request of you on the NPC’s behalf. These basic quests will not be cryptic in nature and will use a keyword system to progress the dialogue. The keywords will be highlighted, and instead of typing the keywords into chat, you will be able to click the keyword to progress the dialogue.
  4. Community Spotlight goes into detail about community member VIgilantee13's interests in immersion, their chosen race and class, and their favourite system/mechanic/feature so far in Pantheon.

That's it for the March newsletter. If you would like to chat with Pantheon fans, join the unofficial Pantheon discord.

Or.. If you would like to chat with other Cohhilition members interested in Pantheon, send me a message!

I am attempting to put together a Cohhilition group of Pantheon hopefuls so we can get to know each other and hopefully build some friendships prior to launch. It's possible that the group could develop to be the official Cohhilition Pantheon group as long as the reins are appropriately passed on when the time comes.

Though, according to the token system, invitation to the official Cohhilition Pantheon group may cost ~5000 tokens for Twitch subscribers and ~15000 for those not subscribed on Twitch. Either way, this is an opportunity to make some Cohhilition Pantheons friends! Let me know if you are interested!

Goodshow everyone! :cohhGG:
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