Suggestion for CohhCarnage and Dr. K to have a conversation on stream on how to build & maintain wholesome community

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Sat Jul 11, 2020 10:30 am

For those interested, here is the "equivalent" post on dr. k's reddit - regarding the same suggestion ... tion_with/

If you are here it means you know how Cohh's community looks like - so I don't need to elaborate much.

I myself am spammer in nature, like an actual spammer banned in many channels [although I'll allow to myself to say that in my opinion I am not a toxic spammer... I think], but I barely spam at all in cohh's - the general vibe in the chat is accepting and supporting / anti spam / anti hurtful memes (for example, DrDisrespect cheating..... Pepega emote [which means the R-word], alinity "abusing" her animals etc.....) .

I don't need to explain to you this cause you probably know this.

However Dr.K may not know this, and he recently spoke about toxicity on the internet and how, by changing toxicity in 10% of a community, let's say the DoTA community, will have, in Dr. K's opinion - a potential positive effect on the overall community.

Cohh and his community are prime examples of such a strong, healthy, accepting community, adn Dr. K says having healthy communities online are major step towards improvement in browsing and gaming.

So...... to not make this post any longer, I suggest Cohh and Dr. K could perhaps have a short convo stream where they explore this phenomena, how to "tackle it", how to create such strong community, and how to maintain it.

Thats pretty much it. Thank you all for reading.
Cohh read my message about the potential convo in his stream today 11/07 - He said he doesn't have much time but thats an "interesting" idea (if I remember correctly)

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