How did you end up watching Cohh's stream?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Fluxuss, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Fluxuss

    Fluxuss Le Derp

    As the title says, how did you end up watching Cohh's stream? Why exactly did you choose his stream over others, and why do you keep coming back? :)

    I myself found Cohh's stream in dire need of an "escape" from the outside world, and I found it relaxing to watch other people playing games. And at the time, Rogue Legacy was just released, and then I found Cohh's channel while he was streaming it. I was looking for a channel that was not flooding with viewers, so I could still be noticed when I wrote something in the chat, and get responses to it, and that I got. Not only from him, but from the viewers aswell.
    He did not have a cam at the time, so I had no idea what he looked like, but I liked it there, and I felt like I was welcome. :) And after 20-30 minutes of watching the stream, I decided to follow... and then after some time, I kept coming back. Again, and again. And now... it has become a thing I watch every day, and I enjoy every minute of it!

    Hail the Cohhilition! :D
  2. acidicpure

    acidicpure The Loved One Website Sub Twitch Sub

    Started watching when Neverwinter came out, I was trying to find a Cleric player and Cohh was pretty much the only one not running round playing a rogue or CW.
  3. ImTyphoon

    ImTyphoon Member

    I started watching when he played Cube World, I don't even know why I clicked his stream anymore, but I don't regret it. :)
  4. nbrills13

    nbrills13 Quone modo nunc, fulve bos?

    I came when i couldn't download CubeWorld and there Cohh was, with his beard in the preview. And that good people is how i arrived here.
  5. Eshkeemo

    Eshkeemo Member

    Came when he was playing Soldier Front 2. Followed that same day
  6. Mattybrah

    Mattybrah Member

    Well I followed Cohh way back when he started streaming Defiance because I was interested in buying it but I didn't really start watching the stream until he started playing Chivalry :D
  7. Mika

    Mika Chocolate Enthusiast Twitch Sub

    I found cohh through neverwinter, and ive been here ever since :) Mostly i just love/still love how much he interacts with the cohhmunity :p
  8. Started watching him when he played defiance, we had pretty much the top pvp scene until people ran out of stuff to do (or bugs, lots of bugs...) and ventured to other games.
  9. IKnightmareI

    IKnightmareI New Member

    I've known Cohh for years now. I even watched his stream when he played Planetside 2 before he went total streamw****.
  10. Degobear

    Degobear BegoBork Staff Member Website Sub Twitch Sub

    I first watched Cohh on day 1 of Neverwinter whilst he was leveling his Cleric, it was for the same reasons as Acidic - he was the only Cleric streamer at that time. However, it wasn't until a few weeks later that I actually followed and started talking in chat (I don't give out my follows willy-nilly :p). But, this was still not the point that I started to watch Cohh on a daily basis and "religiously", that wasn't until he started playing Metro Last Light. That was a great game to watch him play - even if it did get a bit tedious at time, because he was doing a No human kill play through on the hardest difficultly and would get stuck at the same point for 30 minutes to an hours.
  11. Fize84

    Fize84 New Member Twitch Sub

    I started when he was about half way through defiance, was thinking about buying it but wasnt sure so i picked someone streaming it at random and never left
  12. FrozenCreed

    FrozenCreed New Member

    Same here I got to Cohh Stream by CubeWorld. I was looking for someone that played CubeWorld and I found him. When I said Hello I'm new to the stream everyone in chat and Cohh said Welcome. I was so happy. No one else does that on a stream really also Cohh is such a nice guy then after awhile I clicked the button "Follow" and thats how it all started kept coming back and back again :D Cohh and Chat you are my BEST Friends :D
  13. Drolvahr

    Drolvahr Member

    I believe I started watching Cohh about 4 days after Defiance had been released when I was taking a break from the game due to Xbox having latency issues beyond belief. Now I just watch and hope to catch him in a game where I can killz him. Kappa
  14. Ghrex

    Ghrex New Member

    I started watching because his PvP pre-made in Defiance, with Kwaatos, was pissing me off. My PUG teams kept getting destroyed and I kept popping in to tell him to plz make it stop. He invited me to PvP with them and I just stuck around since that.
  15. I was watching him play BoI and i thought it was very interesting, so i started to lurk for about 50 tokens worth. Then i really watched the stream and saw the great community and decided to join in and be more active.
  16. AMisterBear

    AMisterBear New Member

    I joined when he started playing CubeWorld. I really wanted to buy it so I watched his stream to see if it was worth. I still watch his stream now
  17. Daniel J

    Daniel J New Member

    Saw him playing bioshock this week and liked the community, so i stayed
  18. Drolvahr

    Drolvahr Member

    One of us! One of us!
  19. MechaToast

    MechaToast Member

    I was watching BOI streamers and found him! I love how he directs his stream. He's amazing, and I love his voice. It's soothing...
  20. tkf_caboose

    tkf_caboose CONFIRMED Night Zero Mafia Twitch Sub

    came over in a raid from Summit1G. He was streaming Cube World and like a train wreck, I couldn't stop watching this strange game. I kept popping into stream after the raid and saw that while he didn't have the viewers of some others streamers, his interaction with just about everyone in stream, and his integrity was what kept me coming back. I soon after followed and never stopped griefing since. His stream and cohhmunity is one of a kind, and I'm glad to be a part of it, even if its just a little part

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