Cohh's 2018 Top 10 List!

User avatar nuuriell on Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:41 pm wrote:


The January 2, 2018 episode was their Top 10 lists; these are Cohh's lists:

2018's Top 10
1. Yakuza Kiwami 2
2. Subnautica
3. Pillars of Eternity 2
4. Return of the Obra Dinn
5. Bard's Tale IV
6. God of War
7. Rimworld
8. The Council
9. Thronebreaker
10. Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Top 5 Games (Streamed)
1. Warframe
2. Battletech
3. Spider-Man
4. Path of Exile
5. Kenshi

Biggest Disappointment
Fallout 76

Favorite Frown Upside Down (Zeke's Title)
We Happy Few

Favorite Music / Soundtrack
Bard's Tale IV

Favorite Sound Design

Favorite Art Style

Favorite Narrative (Story / Main Quest)
Yakuza Kiwami 2

Favorite DLC / Expansion
Prey: Mooncrash

Favorite Fail of the Year

Favorite Voice Acting
Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Favorite Character
Yakuza Kiwami 2

Favorite Multiplayer
Monster Hunter World

Most Anticipated Game of Future (That Isn't Cyberpunk)
Outer Worlds

Click here for the lists from the whole show. Thanks to Alysante for compiling them for us.


We Are Looking For a New Intro Artist

User avatar theb0atman on Wed Oct 17, 2018 8:08 am wrote:

For a while now we've had some really snazzy intros; our community loves them and they're a part of our start-of-the-stream routine. However, we've had our current intros for quite a while and are looking to replace them (or at least add more to the rotation).

As such, we are happy to announce that we are looking for a 3d artist to build a new intro for the channel. Please email your portfolio or any questions to if you are interested in building something amazing for an incredible channel.

We look forward to seeing what our community can offer.

Cohh's Warframe Glyph Is Now Live!

User avatar nuuriell on Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:58 am wrote:


Hey, everyone! Here's what Cohh's clan Warframe glyph looks like; it is now live! If you'd like to use it head over to the in-game store and type the code
or click here: . Feel free to use it now. ^_^

Please note: The glyph will not be available on consoles until the next update.


Cohh's Game Informer Magazine Interview

User avatar nuuriell on Wed Aug 22, 2018 4:05 pm wrote:

Hey, everyone! Cohh was recently interviewed by Game Informer Magazine; you'll find it below.

Big thanks to Game Informer Magazine for the interview! You can check their site out here:






Cohh's Pokemon Game Stream Poll

User avatar nuuriell on Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:41 am wrote:

Cohh will be playing two Pokemon games as rewards for the GuardianCon charity stream rewards; he would like you to vote on which TWO he will play. Let us know!


Game Suggestions for Cohh's Pokemon Streams Needed!

User avatar nuuriell on Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:48 am wrote:

Hi, everyone!

Since Cohh's GuardianCon charity stream went so well and the Pokemon game goals were met, we'd like to hear which games you think he should play. ^_^ Let us know in this thread. Please also note which platform/system.


Cohh's GuardianCon Charity Stream Success!

User avatar nuuriell on Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:14 pm wrote:


Thanks to our wonderful community, Cohh has met (and exceeded!) his original charity goal of $20,000 and has raised $62,557 for St Jude!

The goals:
$5,000 - Getting Over It (2hrs)
$10,000 - I Wanna Be the Boshy (2hrs)
$15,000 - Life Is Strange (2hrs)
$20,000 - Barbie Dreamhouse (2hrs)
$25,000 - Doki Doki Literature Club (2hrs)
$30,000 - Return of the CohhHawk
$35,000 - Community-voted Pokemon game
$40,000 - Cat onesie for charity games
$50,000 - Goromi-chan cosplay for Kiwami 2
$55,000 - Danganronpa (2hrs)
$60,000 - Second community-voted Pokemon game

The community also voted YES via a donation poll for Cohh to play Kingdom Hearts. ^_^

Thank-you everyone so much for participating. The support from our community has been overwhelming. For the kids!

The first charity stream will be July 22nd; he will play Getting Over It, Be the Boshy, Life Is Strange, and Barbie Dreamhouse! Join us then!


Cohh's GuardianCon Charity Stream Game Suggestions

User avatar nuuriell on Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:58 am wrote:

On Saturday, July 8, 2018 from 8AM to 12PM (noon) EDT Cohh will have a GuardianCon charity stream. He'll be playing a few fun games for the event and would like to know what some of the games the community would like to see him play are.

Our current list of potential games for the event:

Barbie Dreamhouse
Doki Doki Literature Club
Getting Over It
I Wanna Be the Boshy

If you'd like to see him play a particular game, please post here. ^_^


Welcome to the New Website

User avatar BarryCarlyon on Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:04 am wrote:

Welcome everyone to the NEW Cohhilition Website!

Hopefully everything is still in the right place after moving everything around a bit!

If you do have any issues with the forums or website in general, please make sure to file a report a help section. And if you have any feature requests or ideas the Site suggestions is for you!

Known issues at the moment
  • Tokens "don't seem to update" in the top bar (fix: relog to the forums)
  • Some achievements are not updating
    • Steam - Awarded when you link Steam
    • Steam - Later checking
    • Twitter - Awarded when you link Twitter
    • Twitter - Later checking
    • YouTube/Google - Awarded when you link YouTube/Google
    • YouTube/Google - Later checking
    • :cohhHi: 5 Times
    • Subscriber - Months in a row (based on Calculated from API and when you share your sub)
  • Achievements view pages broken
  • Achievements account linking are being weird
    • Steam
    • Twitter
    • YouTube/Google
  • Hugeaway link/eligibility button missing
  • Grandfathered WebSub users can't use PayPal to re-up their Websub, if their Automatic Payment fails for any reason - (Just drop Cohh a Tip and mention it's for WebSubs and ding a mod)
  • A fair number of Attachments are completely MIA The Resources section has returned!
Shiny things added
  • Some sidebar stuff for the Stream
  • The clips thread, well, anywhere you post a CLIP URL, will now replace that URL with the Clip itself for your viewing pleasure! viewtopic.php?f=22&t=13430&p=58595&hilit=clips#p58595 for example!
  • Linked accounts are shown on your profile - we need to add a "hide" option
Hopefully we'll get most of those fixed soon!.

If you have any problems with registering your account, please drop BarryCarlyon a whisper via Twitch, and we'll get your account fixed


Cohhcarnage's PoE Bestiary League Build

User avatar Aghamyr on Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:57 am wrote:

Hi everyone! A new PoE league means a new build but with the all the changes to Ascendances this time around we didn't have enough time to see what would still work this league and make a forum vote like last time. So, instead, we've worked around a base totem build that we've modified/improved where we felt it was necessary.

(For reference the original build can be found here : ... 074/page/1 , thanks to the OP : Orion72! )

This time around Cohh will be playing a Dark Pact Totem build!

- Dark Pact is a fairly recent skill added with 3.0, the premise of the skill is using a portion of your life (or in this case your totems life) and skeletons near you or the targeted location to deal Chaos damage accordingly, plus a base of chaos damage. So the more skeletons you can summon, the more damage you'll output per totem, this will be important later on for bosses.
- The goal of this build is to focus on pure Chaos damage and scale it up as much as possible.

The skill tree
Let's get right into it : the "final" tree will look like this Tree at level 93
Path of Building link :

The leveling progression goes like this :
- Start by going straight to SANCTITY, going through the mana and life node of Templar starting zone. We then head to RETRIBUTION, taking all the nodes on the way. Next stop is Mind Over Matter and the mana nodes after it. (If you have mana issues, hold on MOM until you are comfortable with using it)
- The aim now is to reach Ancestral Bond, which should be around level 28; for that we take LIGHT OF DIVINITY then go up to PURITY OF FLESH and finally head to ANCESTRAL BOND. DO NOT take Ancestral Bond until you get your Spell totem gem with Dark Pact.
Now we grab AMPLIFY and take all the nodes we need in the Witch area of the tree : OCCULTIST's DOMINION, grab the spell damage nodes going down to the witch starting point, HEART AND SOUL, DEEP WISDOM, go up to BLAST RADIUS and then up to CRUEL PREPARATION and DEEP THOUGHTS.
- Get QUICK RECOVERY and head down towards straight down to TOTEMIC MASTERY.
- Next go toward TOTEMIC ZEAL and SENTINEL (hold on taking all the life nodes on the way unless you really need more life)
- At this point it's a matter of preference, life, mana, damage, jewel sockets. Pick whatever you need from what is left on the tree. Keep in mind that the goal while using MoM is to keep a ratio of about 2/3 of your life as mana



The Gems links
- Our main link with this build will be: Dark Pact > Spell Totem support > Added Chaos damage support (added Cold damage until level 31) > Controlled Destruction support > Void manipulation support > Concentrated effect support(can eventually be swapped to Faster casting for map clearing).

(While leveling and prior to eventually getting an Apep's Rage at level 62 you can use Dark Pact >Spell totem>Added lightning>Added Chaos (added cold until 31)>Controlled Destruction>Faster Casting(Concentrated effect for boss) and take advantage of +elemental damage gear).

- 4 Link: Flame Dash>Faster Casting>Arcane Surge>Inc duration (can use shield charge/whirling blade>faster attack prior to using Apep). Make sure to keep Arcane Surge level low enough so it can be triggered with every cast of Flame Dash.
- 4 Sockets/ 3 Link: CWDT(fully leveled)>Stone Golem>Molten Shell and Decoy totem on the fourth socket
- 3 Link: CWDT (lvl 1)>Immortal Call (lvl 3)>Inc duration

Then we have a couple options :
If you want more mobility :
- 4 Link: Summon Skeletons>Faster Casting>Spell Echo>Minion Life
- 3 Link: Despair>Wither>Faster Casting
Or if you're fine with a more static and a bit less complex version :
- 4 Link: Wither>Cast While Channeling>Summon Skeletons>Minion life
- 3 Link: Despair>Increased Area of Effect>Faster Casting

The Gear
This build can work with a very small budget using mostly rare gear and only an Apep's Rage and a 6 link rare armor or even a Tabula. That being said there are also great unique items options that can add both to damage and survivability.

We'll split this section in two parts: First the gear we're aiming at for this league, and then the other options that can be used while leveling or while waiting on currency.

End game gear goal :

- Weapon: Apep's Rage
- Shield: Atziri's Mirror and ultimately the new Fated version Atziri's Reflection
- Body: Soul Mantle
- Helm: A good rare helmet with Dark pact damage/cast speed enchantement
- Belt: If/When you find one a good rare Stygian Vise
- Gloves: Fingerless Silk Gloves are the best base overall, you can also craft rare gloves using Essence of Insanity
- Boots: Rare boots with speed, life, resists and mana.
- Rings: Two Kikazaru while waiting for Atziri's Mirror/Reflection if you start using the Soul Mantle
- Jewels: Clear Mind , Self-Flagellation

Other options or while leveling :

- Weapon: Shimmeron , Brightbeak , Divinarius or crafted a rare spell dagger
- Shield: Trolltimber Spire or any rare Spirit Shield focusing on life, spell damage, cast speed, resists, mana
- Body: Tabulla Rasa is probably the best while leveling, The Covenant , a good rare Carnal Armor for great defense. Other options Carcass Jack , Cherrubim's Maleficence
- Helmet: Eventually Devoto's Devotion for speed in lower tier maps, be aware of the Dex requirement though
- Belt: Any rare Belt with life/resist/mana
- Gloves:
- Boots:

Some leveling tips
Bandits : For the bandit quest we kill all of them for the skill points. (Helping Alira can be an option while leveling and eventually respec'd later).

Level 1-27: While levelling you can start by using dual spell damage wand (or spell damage dagger if you find some), when needed switch one to a spirit shield.

Pick your favorite aoe skill, anything will do, use what you're most comfortable with. Once you've dealt with Brutus you can start using and leveling Spell Totem.

An example of what you can work with then :
Firestorm>Arcane Surge>Added Lightning Damage
Spell Totem>Firestorm>Added Lightning Damage

From level 28: From now on you can start working with Dark Pact. If you can find one get a Tabula, but you can start with any 4 links rare chest as Tabula will probably be rare and expensive on league start.

You can eventually use Hrimsorrow gloves, Berek's Grip and Berek's Pass for flat spell damage increase but it's not an obligation at all.

At level 49: This is when you can start equipping the Soul Mantle, you'll need the 2 Kikazaru rings for that though, to limit the effects of the curse affecting you. You can also use a Self-Flagellation jewel, that'll compensate for some of the dps you may lose from the curse

At level 62: In a perfect world this is when you'd start using Apep's Rage, but it's probably going to take a while to find one when the league starts

At level 68: This is when you can start using the Atziri's Reflection, this will probably be very hard to procure so don't sweat over it.

We hope that you have fun if you follow this build, and if not, that you find a build you do have fun with. ^_^