OBS settings - What does coh use?

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Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:59 pm

Hello guys,

This is my PC


Its a DEDICATED computer ONLY for streaming. My main computer does the gaming, and with NDI program on OBS i send the video feed to my streaming PC.

4.6ghz on the i7-7700k should be more than enough to run OBS at 60fps at 1080 right? Doing 6k bitrate, on veryfast, but still the quality is kinda bad, only using 40% of CPU while streaming.

Just wondering, what settings can i expect running the build that I have? Playing pubg atm. Any ideas? 1600x900 60fps with 6k bitrate running at fast does look pretty decent, but some lag here and there, 50% cpu usage.

Ive been googling SO much and cant find any streamers obs settings to copy. Wondering if you guys know cohs settings?

Here is an example of the best settings i managed to capture. Its watcheable, tho I feel like i should be able to get as good stream quality as coh, shroud and all the other guys running a succesful stream.

Thank you
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Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:59 am

One of these may help:

All Cohh's Streaming Tips Videos ->> New Streamer Podcast : http://www.cohh.tv/NewStreamerPodcast - http://www.cohh.tv/GreenscreenSetup - http://www.cohh.tv/OBSetup

And/or this thread

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