[ATLAS] The Cohhilition EU Server

Server info for various games played within the Cohhmunity will be posted here.
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Mon Dec 31, 2018 8:33 pm

:cohhHi: , I've seen a lot of people playing official server and some quit due to rubber-banding or swift to unofficial servers that's their new home.
I've took an opportunity to be the few first to help out few communities to setup their server or troubleshoot for them since I have the base knowledge on how to set it up.
I've made the decision on a monthly rotational wipe for the server as well as swap in and out some islands and make it more interesting.

Everyone reading this topic is welcomed to join the server :cohhWow:

However you may play the way you want, but please follow these simple rules.

0) Enjoy playing the game, less stress and make new friends!
1) No to the following "racism, toxicity, flaming, blaming, causing drama, witch hunt, sending threats directly or indirectly, disrespecting anyone in server or outside of the server."
2) You should not attack each other within the following spawn points: North West and South East. (All other islands you may engage into PvP other players).
3) Don't, I repeat don't camp players corpse after killing player x (you may loot 2% of player x) Example: 1 to 20 of anything they have. (after killing player x, please leave the area).
4) You may loot player x if they were fighting you in any island covered with ice 50% to 100% up to your weight limit. half of loot to full loot of body.
5) Don't disrespect anyone within server or outside of the server. keep it classy.
6) No duping glitch, hacking, etc (if you caught doing so) you'll permanently banned from the server.
7) Any bug within in-game report it to Atlas devs if you've encountered one.
8) Be kind, respectful and helpful to anyone new to atlas
9) Be a Pirate o/
10) Last, but not least spread love, good vibes and less stressful experiences♥

*Full wipe every 1/1 of any month*

Server current map size: 2x2 (4 cells) Depends on player base 2x2 can be expandable to 3x3 (9 cells) or some day 4x4 (16 cells)
Server version: 8.56 (Rev 106137)
Server settings
XP 2.5
Taming: 2.2
Player damage 1.2
Day Time Speed 1.5
Player Resistance 1.3
Night Time Speed 1.8
Harvest resources: 2.2
Resources Respawn 2.0*
Structure Resistance 1.2
Tamed/untamed animals/creatures damage: 1.2
Tamed/untamed animals/creatures Resistance: 1.2
Treasure map: Enabled.(some of them doesn't work.) if you found ones near an island use it from inventory. it shall show u an X.
PvP: Enabled
Reduced ghost ship respawn: Enabled
Npc Traderships: Random spawn

How to find the server?
go in-game search by name: the cohh or the cohhilition eu

I can't find the server it says "No session found!"
This error known to users using any i5 or equivalent from amd (if you're using i7 or i9 or equivalent from amd having same problem inform atlas devs!).
Server count might be cpu bound (till now no one knows.) I am using i7-4770k server count reach 3569 to 3620

The image below is a demonstration of search count from all servers with pass or without.


(If your search reach 100 to 1.1k and stopped) you shall use the method below.

Use this method

steam://connect/ <- North West spawn point


steam://connect/ <- South East Spawn point

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I appreciate any feedback and will take it into consideration.
:cohhCheer: I hope you have a good time playing and :cohhGV: \o/

P.S: Happy new year :cohh7:
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