ATLAS A1 4x4 PvE PvP Server

Server info for various games played within the Cohhmunity will be posted here.
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Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:02 pm

For those of you interested in playing Atlas with the latest new islands added.

A1 Discord:

Connection Info:

Experience: 3X
Harvesting: 4X
Taming Speed: 5X
Mature/Egg Hatch Speed: 6X

Experience: 5X
Harvesting: 6X
Taming Speed: 7X
Mature/Egg Hatch Speed: 8X

Max Character Level: 180

Grid Setup:
Red Zone/Bloodworks: PVP Zone, up to lvl 90 Sotd's, level 30-40 animal spawns, super cheap islands to claim, highest treasure/flotsam quality, no bottles spawn.

Golden Age Ruins: Powerstone grids, up to lvl 90 Sotd's, high treasure/flotsam quality, no claimable, no bottles spawn.

Yellow Zones: Expensive grids, up to lvl 60 Sotd's, level 1-40 animal spawns, medium treasure/flotsam quality, Solo player can claim small islands, need multiple people for the bigger ones, bottles spawn.

Green Zones: Cheap grids, up to lvl 30 Sotd's, level 1-30 animal spawns, low treasure/flotsam quality, Solo player can claim most islands, bottles spawn.

Freeport: Center island is our event island, do not build on it, or it will be removed. 4 freeport islands. up to lvl 30 Sotd's, bottles spawn. One of the freeport islands is called SE Markets. You can set up your community stall up there to sell things. You can build close to enemy foundations here.
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