Games Cohh's Playing February 22 - 28

Any new features, updates and important stuff will be posted here.
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Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:10 am

Hi, everyone!

As we all know, Cohh has a lot of gaming going on. Since it's easy to be confused on what he'll be playing we're going to try to keep people updated on (potential) games he'll be playing each week. This week (February 22 - 28) the games are:

Graveyard Keeper

Cozy streams:

Please keep in mind that this list could change at any time.

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Wed Mar 03, 2021 5:26 pm

When one thinks of someone as a variety streamer the idea of checking out new games or different genres comes to mind. Rarely does the streamer stay in one game for long periods of time to enjoy everything it has to offer.

But, then there’s CohhCarnage. :cohhLUL: ... VOpQQIbVyh

In working our way through the first two months of 2021, we’ve seen Cohh spend weeks in games such as “Stardew Valley” or “Pillars of Eternity II.” He has mixed it up, bringing in the variety, as he’s moved from RPGs, to base building, survival and numerous other genres. It didn’t stop there. Cohh also returned to several other games he had stopped playing for various reasons to check out new content or give it a second chance.

This proves the term “variety streamer” can be taken in many different ways. One just has to look at the definition from a broader perspective.

We’ve spent the last few weeks watching Cohh build a tremendous base in “Valheim” while also constructing a presentable graveyard as its keeper. He wanted to make sure to avoid the nightmares when the Old Gods cursed him with dreams of resting in Portia.

Lost? Confused? Don’t worry. Your weekly recap is here.

The End is Near

Cohh and base building, name a more iconic duo.

The second week of Valheim saw him almost exclusively focus on base building. If you’ve never watched him do this kind of building before, you are missing out. He puts must of us to shame in what he does. :cohhWow:

Throughout his building he was often asked about a base tour and he promised to show one at the end. Near the end of his playthrough he gave a full tour of the completed base, which you can find here. ... ZcC66mxuGK

Additionally, people asked for his save file that Cohh was happy to offer to the community. You can find the file here.

With the game wrapped up – for now at least – Cohh will emphatically tell you buy the game. Totaling 138 hours in the game, it’s safe to say you can trust his opinion on it. Developer Iron Gate AB has mentioned the price may go up closer to the full release. If you’re considering buying this game, now is the best to do so.

Even while Cohh played solo for a majority of the game, a common theme came up over the weeks in Valheim: When will you return to the mod server? The first couple of hours of gameplay were spent with numerous moderators as they built a small town and worked towards defeating the five bosses. :cohhH:

The last thing Cohh did before putting a bow on the game was returning to the mod server to check out their base, which can be found here.

Crossing 5 million copies sold in its first month is a huge success. Catching a glimpse of Cohh’s playthrough shows all this game does right and how it’s doing so well. You can find the whole adventure on YouTube.

]Little Nightmares 2
Science Tests

Days before Cohh dove into the puzzle-platformer he unboxed a gift from developer Tarsier Studios. Appearing in the stream title to prepare viewers, Cohh checked it out on Feb. 19.

Throughout the roughly six hours of gameplay, Cohh stated his intent to do a lot of science. This culminated in a lot of silly or unnecessary deaths. It is Cohh we’re talking about so it’s more typical for these to happen. :cohhDerp: ... 9fIUS0JIDg

Controlling the character of Mono, you’re partnered with the AI controlled Six to complete various challenges and unravel the story. Chat would often mention the need to play both “Little Nightmares” and the DLC that comes with it. This was supported by Cohh in this thoughts video.

If you missed the enthralling atmospheric journey, make your way to YouTube.

Graveyard Keeper
Return to the Grave

Far too often Cohh plays a game and it just doesn’t hook him. He’ll move on and play the next game, leaving it in the dust. Occasionally through updates it may catch his eye and a return is in order.

“Graveyard Keeper” is a good example. When Cohh first played the game in 2018, it didn’t hook him. You could say the ending then just upset him stating, “I didn’t end that game and feel good like I was hoping to. I ended the game feeling confused. It was so strange.” :cohhM:

A couple years and three DLC later brought Cohh back into the medieval world being in charge of building and maintaining a graveyard. The early returns are promising. ... AQrVpxRD4Q

Similar to his time spend in Pelican Town or Valhalla, Cohh has spent almost 40 hours improving his cemetery with progress reports stating, “OUR CHURCH IS GREAT!!!” :cohhKing:

As of now Cohh is enjoying his second time in the game as the DLC adds more content to enhance the main story. Only time will tell if his opinion has changed when reaches the ending of the game.

Make your way to YouTube to catch up on Cohh’s most recent adventures.

Curse of the Dead Gods
Keeping Your Head

Is your game an ARPG? It is? It’s a guarantee Cohh will like it! Need proof? Hades.

Thursday saw Cohh check out “Curse of the Dead Gods” in a sponsored segment from Focus Home Interactive. Early returns are very positive.

During playthrough he showed off the mechanics and gameplay often answering the question, “Is this like Hades?” It was asked so much that a command in chat was made “!isthishades?” Haven’t seen it? Try it the next time you’re in chat. :cohhT: ... RtI1qFw4av

The sponsored segment was only two hours, but it is almost guaranteed to be back on the channel again and likely for long hours. Cohh spoke numerous times after time with it on how much fun he had. A possible cozy game?

Head over the YouTube to see Cohh’s first impressions.

My Time at Portia
Long Awaited Return

“We will most likely continue this adventure, at some point in the not-so-distant future.”

That was in June 2019, the last time the stream saw Cohh spend some time in Portia. Every so often the wish for a return would be mentioned in chat but it fell on deaf ears. :cohhFeels:

It took over a year but it made its long-awaited return to cozy streams in preparation of the sequel “My Time at Sandrock,” set for early release later this month. ... gggDoPzpTR

Being that people do try to compare games, many are calling it a 3D Stardew Valley. There is fishing and farming. There is also gravity to which Cohh doesn’t succumb to when he has a misstep.

Being it is only played during cozy streams it is understandable that many of the community miss it. In just under 20 hours, it’s not too far ahead to get caught up.

If you’ve missed the playthrough, or are unable to watch it, make your way to YouTube.
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