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ABOUT the Cohhlition Adventure is going to be a publicly available, completely free adventure featuring cooperative work from the Cohhmunity.

The initial project is intended to be based on the Pathfinder RPG and will make use of the OPEN GAME LICENSE version 1.0a[1]; [here]. For contributions to be taken in considerations, they must be done according to those rules

As a general rule, anyone wishing to provide content, are asked to also list their source material at the end of their post.

Submitted PRODUCT IDENTITY[2] must be clearly identified as such and done with the consent of its owner. If you are not the owner identify the owner.

Submitted OPEN CONTENT[2] should be delivered with a COPYRIGHT NOTICE[2]. Do so by listing a referral link, or the name of the book. Please also provide the location of the content within said book. [Example: Lava Effects. Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook[3], p.444]

Stay Happy, Helpful, and Respectful.

SYSTEMS: Confirmed systems for the Cohhilition Adventure: Pathfinder
Other potential systems: Dungeon World, Numenera

WHY Pathfinder and not D&D 5e, Dungeon World, Savage World, GURPS, etc.? I do intend to look into other systems to broaden the scope of the Cohhilition Adventure, but since my LEGAL knowledge of other systems is limited, I can't confirm that the Cohhilition Adventure will be DISTRIBUTED under those systems.

Since every content that I'll be posting in the forums is considered distributing, I'm making sure to keep things legal at the best of my abilities.

Not to mention, anything and everything you need to play Pathfinder can be found for free and legal, which should be attractive to those who never touched a PnP RPG and aren't able to get financially invested.

WHAT is the Cohhilition Adventure? It will be a multi-version adventure that may vary greatly from each other as contents get added. Some versions may also be incompatible, as some may simply be updates or variants with extra rules, modified encounters, variant boss options, or more.

Featured content will be Cohhmunity-based, provided by the members or done as a collaborated work.

The main theme can be resumed with the following sentences: “We find ourselves surrounding the Black Forest. A series of small villages lives off-it, but the townsfolks don’t venture too deep in the forest; danger lurks in the shadows. All was good, all was well, until people started to vanish. The Black Forest outskirts are no longer safe, if they ever were.

Version 1.0: For an unknown time Cohhcarnage and minions have remained dormant at the top of the Cohhilition Tower, at the center of the Black Forest. As long as you didn’t delve too deep in the woods, all was fine. This is no longer the case, livestocks, pets, friends, and family now disappear. Does this means Cohhcarnage woke and lurks the night once more?

Placing the emphasis on the multi-version adventure plan. Version 1.0 is being divided in several smaller projects. Doing so will make the work load more efficient and speedup the publishing process.

Based on the regional map for Cohhilition Adventure v1.0 the four versions will be focused on separate regions and theme. This will also have the effect of purifying the content from a GM standpoint.

Secondly, each version will be divided into four tiers. Each tier will be design to build up the PCs to a common level, adding versatility to the story and any replay value, by not restricting the story to a permanent location.

The final 4th tier will be commonly shared between all the "modules," since the focal point will be the core of the Black Forest; at which point should still be mostly unexplored, and site for the final confrontation and climax to the Cohhilition Adventure.

Version 1.0a: Constructed within the "Ouse Keping Plains" v1.0a will pivot around an urban adventure with a touch of wilderness.
Version 1.0b: Established in the "Dropped Dead Mountains" v1.0b will entrench itself into an underground adventure.
Version 1.0c: Timidly seated on the edge of the "Star Wild Desert" v1.0c will oversee an unforgiving arid desert adventure.
Version 1.0d: With a foot firmly set on the port city of the "Yuu Waht Sea" v1.0d will provide opportunities for sea battles and urban adventure.

LINKS Also see related post, focusing on their respective subjects [NPCs] [Maps]

Update #1: Version 1.0 has been divided into four theme-based modules.
Update #2: Links to related posts have been added. Thanks to TheRedFlower.
Update #3: WHY Pathfinder is currently the main system for the project.
Update #4: Systems section.

[1] Open Game License v 1.0a Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

[2] See the OPEN GAME LICENSE version 1.0a at (

[3] Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. © 2009, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Jason Bulmahn, based on material by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, and Skip Williams.
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There are more more specific posts dealing specifically with the NPC's and Maps as well.


Especially looking for suggestions on NPC's check out its specific thread above!
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