Pantheon: April Newsletter (Upcoming Dev Stream with Cohh!)

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an in development massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) which aims to reestablish and improve on some old school MMORPG aspects like player interaction, player companionship, and meaningful challenge and consequence.

The following is a summary the Pantheon developer's April newsletter.

*Quotes may be edited for brevity and clarity.

The April Newsletter Showers You with Content
Posted date / 04.17.19
"April arrives awash in announcements and alliteration. Under Wraps gets things going with a look at some of our emergent gameplay and information on an upcoming stream with our friend CohhCarnage. The fearsome North Tusk Orcs come to life in an interview with Justin Gerhart, Forrest Imel, and Will Barry. Next up, we shed some light on our Pledge Rewards and how they will be handled going forward. We have an insightful Q&A with one of the newest members of our Development team, Environmental Artist Ross Worthley. And putting the bow on the whole thing is our favorite segment, our Community Spotlight, introducing a crafting fanatic who goes by the surname of DracoKalen."
Newsletter Content
  1. Under Wraps describe Visionary Realm's focus on creating social gameplay, memorable experiences, and a world to explore. They also revealed an upcoming stream with CohhCarnage.
    An Upcoming Stream


    On Thursday April 25th at 10 a.m. PDT, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen will once again appear on stream with CohhCarnage. If you haven’t had a chance to check out a live stream yet, drop on by his channel at to join the fun.

    This stream will not include any new content or features. As we are still deep in production of Project Faerthale, we are using a build that does not contain any new zones or other content. Instead we will go on an adventure through Halnir Cave from start to finish to capture a true organic grouping experience and the spirit of actual dungeon progression. We’ll fight our way down to acquire Gnashura’s key and work our way back up to hopefully defeat him. Failure is a definite possibility. Fun is a guarantee—see you then!
  2. From Concept to Model is a question and answer style segment all about the creation of the North Tusk Orcs.

    Question: Justin, what was your inspiration when bringing the Orcs to life on Terminus?

    Justin Gerhart: Because the North Tusk of Avendyr’s Pass was our first tribe in the game, the semi-nomadic Germanic tribes that fought countless battles with Rome were in my mind. They helped form a framework for how a smaller, territorial people might coexist near a powerhouse like Thronefast, and the ebb and flow of influence they exchange over time. Those tribes were also diverse and steeped in their own culture and identity, which again I felt the individual Orc tribes needed to have a measure of in order not to be reduced to a typical, dismissible global baddie. They needed culture and personality, legacy and a past. Read more

    Question: How long does it take from idea to implementation?

    Justing Gerhart: It can take several weeks, maybe up to a month, depending on how many variations we need within the race or creature itself. Armor sets, if needed, can also add time. So can pickiness on the part of the writer. Some writers are very, very particular with their pickiness.

    Forrest Imel: It can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks, usually. Sometimes longer depending on how much exploration we end up doing before finalizing the designs.

    Will Barry: Characters usually take about 1 to 3 weeks to model (depending on complexity and revisions).
  3. Meet the Devs introduces the new environment artist Ross Worthley, or also known as Mr. Worthley.
    Question: What other games have you worked on, and how does the world building in Pantheon differ?

    Ross Worthley: This is my fourth MMO. Previously I had worked on Gods & Heroes and Star Trek Online at Perpetual Entertainment, as well as Rift and all its expansions at Trion Worlds. I spent nearly 10 years working on Rift. That gave me a lot of experience creating assets for large scale MMOs. To be honest, my current role at VR doesn’t involve much world building, just modeling and texturing environment objects. It’s still quite a bit different than what I had been doing on Rift. I’m using new tools, a different game engine, and more advanced shader tech. It's definitely more challenging and complex then the work I’ve done up to this point.

    Question: What’s the most fun aspect of your job?

    Ross Worthley: It’s a strange answer, but the meetings. The team at VR are all really great people. There’s a lot of mutual support and encouragement. Not to mention the jokes and wisecracking. It feels like working with friends.
  4. Pledge Rewards irons out some previously fuzzy definitions of some pledge rewards, such as name reservation and the founder's guild. For information on all available pledge rewards so far, check out the pledge page.
  5. Community Spotlight interviews a pantheon supporter.
    Question: What will your main race and class be and why?

    DracoKalen: Well, I’ve narrowed it down to human and gnome. Human because I’m interested in either being a Paladin or Cleric. Gnome because they are beings of magic, and magic has always been a love of mine. Combined with the Summoner class, I think that would be an exciting combination.

    I love both classes because I like being able to help people out as I increase my power. Paladin is also a class I have played many times over the years because being lawful good all the time is really challenging. Now in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Paladins aren’t aligned per se, so it would just be sticking to my patrons' ethos.
That's it for the April newsletter. If you would like to chat with Pantheon fans, join the unofficial Pantheon discord.

Or.. If you would like to chat with other Cohhilition members interested in Pantheon, send me a message!

I am attempting to put together a Cohhilition group of Pantheon hopefuls so we can get to know each other and hopefully build some friendships prior to launch. It's possible that the group could develop to be the official Cohhilition Pantheon group as long as the reins are appropriately passed on when the time comes.

Though, according to the token system, invitation to the official Cohhilition Pantheon group may cost ~5000 tokens for Twitch subscribers and ~15000 for those not subscribed on Twitch. Either way, this is an opportunity to make some Cohhilition Pantheons friends! Let me know if you are interested!

Goodshow everyone! :cohhGG:
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