Candle bandits

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Sun May 17, 2015 11:52 am

We are know as the Candle bandits we are on the cohhiltion server 2. when cohh is playing and only then we have this active. right now it is just me and Jorai1. thease rules we follow only on cohhiltion 2.
we also do RP. we are here to have fun just as all of you.

we trade with people.. if we belive that we have someting other want.. but just becuase we are there to trade dsoent mean we will not kill people on the way. we are here to defend ourself.. if we have any hostile action against us. as having a a hatchet or pickaxe spear bow or a gun out.. we will look at it as hostile action so we want u to start at least when u see us u have nothing out since we will start doing the same when we see you. we will respect the rules of no cursing and ofc happy vibes.. we will do funny things giving people also stuff once we have settled in i myself. as speedo32 i have bin running around and giving people candle bandit stuff. .as the head with a candle on it.. so yes though who have gotten it you where a memember of us for little.. hehe.. sorry pala.
also we life in the mountains so u will need warm clothes to trade with us. so we will come to you. also we will have banners up with our name saying this is candle bandit area. that means erntering here without permission when we are online. means hostile action against the candle bandits. out side of that area. we will mainly only protect ourself to those who are hostile.. having a weapon out of any kind. will be look at hostile action. we will walk up to a person. and if that so called person has anything beside a rock out.. will be look at as hostile action against the candle bandits all of them. we will try to negotiate a good deal so both party memeber or all are good.. we will be more hostile in our own area to defend our home more then we would in the area of others. when we are not raiding or looking for a fight. we will annoucne if we are going to look for a fight in chat. and we are not gona try to be dicks to people.. we will trade sell defend and we can also buy our service. and information for a price. about where someone lifes or need assistance.

any candle bandit that uses an f-bomb or dose not follow the pg-16 rule. will be kicked out of the candle bandit gang
we follow the rules of happy helpful and respectiful and follow rules...

rules are rules..
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Sun May 17, 2015 1:14 pm

Sure, signed Jorai1
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