[Guide] Arandur87's pue Phys Trapper

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Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:42 am

:cohhHi: Hi Folks!

I came up with some more builds this season and want to share them with you!

First of is my pure phys Sabotuer Trapper you can find on the PoE-Forum:


I decided to post my guide there, because this Forum here gives me headaches on longer posts (lost 2 guides already in the past league, cause I timed out :cohhRage: )
I succesfully killed Yellow Elder and his guradians without problems and wrecked Atziri in seconds.
I'm currently on my way to Shaper and I'm confy that I will also beat him. Will update my vids later than.

Hope you enjoy it and give me some feedback!

I will probably set up a guide in about a week or two on my second build, a Charged Dash Raider. He is insanely fast while mapping, but lacks Bosskilling, so maybe you enjoy that build as a league starter and currency farmer for the next leagues :cohhGG:
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