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Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:59 am

Hello Cohhilition.

I need your help with choosing parts for a new build. i have't looked at parts for some years now so was hoping to get some background knowledge and help from here.

My build so far is "" and would like some suggestions if this build will work good for the next couple of years. and ofcouse if you got any idea about changing or upgrading to something else please let me know and alittle info behind why you think it better or worse.

About the price i have't given it much trought but something between 1.500-2.500$ so there is some to play with.
I already got an Win 10 License, mouse and keyboard so you dont have to think about that.

About Monitor i was thinking of buying one of the ASUS ROG 24' 144 Hz since i already have one of them on my old build and it works good. but ofcouse if you know about something newer that would maybe be better for the setup please let me know.

Looking forward to hear and see what a monster i can build :)

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