Franchise playthrough suggestion(Prince of Persia)

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Hey all! :cohhHi:
So i've noticed Cohh enjous 3rd person action games (in last year i've seen him enjoy God of War , Darksiders, Devil May Cry) , so i decided to throw in suggestion when he gets another craving - do Prince of Persia trilogy! One of my favorites.
Sands of Time have very good interpretation of the classic story, enough to make me wipe manly teenager tears when i played it first time and leave an impression for decades.
Warrior Within have sweetness incarnated in it's combat system, new grimdark direction and overall fluid controls. I Cohh would enjoy the challenge
And Two Thrones have best pacing out of the three and continue to keep the intrigue up until the end,definitely worth a playthrough.

Other games could be ignored,as far as i'm concerned, just Ubisoft trying to cash in on the big name. Though Prince of Persia 2008 was kinda fun in that casual zen kinda way, were you just chain 100+ navigational moves without touching the ground, or kill boss in one combo chain.Kinda like playing karaoke game or something :cohhFish:

Anyways,what are your thoughts?Any other fans who think Cohh will enjoy this? What was your favorite Prince of Persia?
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