Reality Digest: Food supply, health, and critical nature of diet.

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Fri Jun 19, 2020 6:58 pm

Evening everyone, this is a post on the nature of the system we're in and peoples deteriorating health and integrity due to it, with solutions on how to reverse it. I originally posted these links and messages in the Discord, but feel i should make a more pronounced or permanent post and discussion. And heads up, beware your pride and conceit in meat against this post because it won't survive it:

Sorry to cut into your day folks, and while i would suggest to skip this post if you haven't the stomach for it, this is a function in the foundation of the societies in which we live, and so it is deeply in connection with you. Realistically, one might say in another light one has an obligation to see it, so to stop the damage from occurring to yourself, your family and friends, and whats left of the environment. So you know what your a part of and how aspects of the system treat you alongside other things. I'm not sure where people fit between the industries of chicken, turkey, pigs, and cows, and what else, but it is a magnitude of wasteful practices which is ending the planet and depreciating the people. While entire portions of society are degenerating further and cognitively, that need not be yourself. That planet has ample solutions, if we stop using and doing the things messing it up to give space for those solutions.

Hidden Video Reveals Gruesome Mass-Extermination Method for Iowa Pigs Amid Pandemic

How Many Ep(idem)ic Fails Does Factory Farming Get Before It’s Finished? ... FcMb639fJI

On a much more positive note.,
Jon Stewart Interviews Cast of Game Changers. Plant based diets and their efficacy.

Regenerative Agriculture. The thing to entirely undercut so to reverse most issues in society.
"Accelerating the universal adoption of regenerative agriculture that cultivates soil, human, and planet health for all" ... 7Pg4JBtM4o

Additional remarks from Discord, when someone mentioned discussing solutions, edited;

There are hundreds of plant varieties which all can be prepared amongst themselves resulting in a far more complex array of different kinds of flavors to be enjoyed, instead of just eating one animal, fed mono-culturally destroyed wheat soy corn and cottonseed and what else, other cows? loaded with hyper-processed artificial sugars and flavorings. People are couched. They are used to comfort to an unnaturally extreme degree. First they're going to have bit of withdrawal and bad attitude, then they need to start eating correctly, or preferably beforehand, which their body hasn't been use to because the environment's derided to the extent it is, then their going to gradually acquire a clearer existential experience within life with it's foresight to boot.
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