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The Cohhilition Mobile App

The Cohhilition Mobile app is the new way to interact with the Cohhilition when Cohh is not live on Twitch!

Note: we support Android 10+ and iOS 15+

Feature Run Down

The app offers a number of features including:

  • Mobile Notifications, for things like:
    • The Stream going live!
    • New YouTube Vidoes - Just the first one of each game each day
    • Twitter Tweets
  • Direct link to the Stream with the currently title and category when Live
  • Cohh's Latest Tweet! So you don't have to go to Twitter
  • Links to Cohh's Latest YouTube video and YouTube Short
  • Be notified when the Hugeaway is open and enter it right from the App!
  • The Latest News and Games Played
  • Full access to the YouTube/VodChat Catalog, with more to come here!
  • The latest/most recent news from the channel
  • Information about the channel (and most of the FAQ)
  • Links and information about Cohh's Sponsors!
  • Full Settings page to control your notifications
  • The ability to login with Twitch and see your token count, more to come here soon as well!

Known/Reported Issues

Either leave feedback in the app, or visit Support

  • The App uses the wrong name on your home page (whoops) - Fix pending
  • Twitter Timestamp doesn't seem to Timezone
  • News page scrolling is not working - Fix pending
  • iOS: Full Screen of YouTube videos is not working - Google/Youtube changed something this is taking some investigation
  • Playlist links in YouTube descriptions are not working - Fix pending
  • Store - Auto Translations are being weird (Kohhilition)
  • Needs a "top bar" to help legibility of battery/clock
  • Some people report after turning off some Push Notification Topics they are not offing, we believe this is due to spam turning off/on topics. To resolve, restart the app or toggle on/off (or off/on) one topic slowly


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