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Change Log | The Cohhilition Mobile App

Version: 1.0.1

Date: 16th August 2022

It's Really Version: 1.1 but I fat fingered it

This update includes a number of fixes for reported issues and a lot of general tidy up

Bugs and Issues

  • Fix Application Name to "Cohhilition"
  • Improve contrast on the main navigation bar
  • Fix news not being scrollable on long news entries
  • Fix playlist links on YouTube/VodChat pages being clickable
  • Fix date/time displays in various places to utilise device/user timezone correctly.
  • Tweaks to the loading state/feedback when loading
  • VodChat and a few other things now refreshable with the ability to pull down and refresh
  • Layout tweak to prevent some flickering between "pages"
  • Fix an issue where if you have less than 1000 tokens it draws the token count weirdly


  • Home news is now clickable to open the same news story [requested]
  • Add a known issues list to the Submit Feedback section
  • Add a "save my push notifications" button for people having issues using the toggles.
  • Added a search to YouTube/VodChat Playlists
  • Added direction sorting to Playlists (default is newest first)
  • Completely rebuilt the Games Played section for improved phone usage and search/filtering

Misc: Platform specific

  • Android: allow the app to be installed on External Storage, and you can move it between internal/external.


  • Various style tweaks and adjustments to the layout
  • Misc layout changes to improve layout consistency
  • Adjustments to the debug section based on feedback
  • Tidy up alignment on the settings page
  • Adjust some wording in various places
  • General optimisations and adjustments
  • Known Issues

    • No full screensupport on YouTube/VodChat this is being worked on
    • Weirdness with persisting Twitch Logins inside the Application

    Upcoming Features

    • Full VodChat support - chat and all

    Version: 1.0.0

    Date: 1st August 2022

    • Initial Release of the Mobile App. Go forth and Mobile. Do you not have phones?

    Feedback and help

    Either submit via the App on the Settings page or pop over to Mobile App Support