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Share your Kenshi stories here!

I'll go first!

This is the story about Bob.
Bob started out as a dude with nothing to his name, but the clothes on his back. Trapped out in the unforgiving deserts of the east, he stumbled into town starving.
With no money, he had no choice but to steal. Unfortunately for Bob, he wasn't very good at it. Caught red-handed by the shop guards he had to run for his life...
Right into the arms of the town guard. Bob went down in one swing. They carried his unconscious body to the slave market, where he was promptly was sold for a pittance to a mining company.

Bob woke up halfway to their intended destination, not wanting to spend his days labouring unendingly until died of starvation, he made a run for it. Or should we say hobble for it, since running with shackles is just about impossible, again they easily ran Bob down.

This time when Bob woke up, he was in a cage, they had taken his possessions, few as they were, cut off his hair and slapped a collar on him. He was without a doubt now a slave.
Days under the unforgiving sun, spent hacking rocks, tending the crushers and cooking food for his "benevolent" owners. He dreamed day and night for freedom and spent his nights fiddling with his bonds. And one day he succeeded. He had broken the lock! He made a run for it. No one in sight! He was doing it, he was almost free!

And then he ran into a patrol. :cohhRage:
Back in the cage, he had learned a valuable lesson. The guards guard not just the compound, but the surrounding area as well.
He tried again.

and again.

and again.

Days became months, spent labouring, lockpicking and sneaking around attempting to escape, only to be beaten over the head and be brought to the cages. :cohhRude:
One day they brought in new slaves and they were a sorry looking lot, bandits most likely. As the guards were leaving for patrol, Bob had an idea. :cohhHmm: It was simple, much like Bob himself, but devious in its simplicity, again just like Bob. :cohhS:

Bob waited for nightfall and moved over to the new arrivals, as they had not yet had their spirits broken by the back breaking labour, they could provide for an excellent distraction. :cohhEvil:
He undid the shackles and opened their cages. And as Bob opened the door to the slave quarters it unfolded just as he had hoped, chaos, unbridled chaos. :cohhR: :cohhR:
The guards scrambled to grab the escaping slaves and as they caught some, Bob had already freed twice that amount. Now was the time, now was the time to get out of here.
With his superior stealth, Bob deftly made his way around the freed slaves and scrambling guards. Bob and a handful of escaped slaves made it out the front gate, it was enough.
They made a break for it and huffed it as fast as they could across the dunes, angry guards hot on their heels. Two of the older slaves weren't as fast as we were, but they were hardier, from years of abuse and this made them the ideal roadbump for the guards and provided the time needed for the rest of us to escape. :cohhEvil: :cohhEvil:

Freedom, that sweetest of tastes. Once their freedom was assured, most of the slaves went their separate ways, but for some, gratitude could not begin to explain what they felt for Bob. :cohhMy:
They swore their undying fealty to Bob :cohhKing: and together they went on to become the greatest assassins across the dry sea and brought vengeance upon the slavers and filled their ranks with other freed slaves. :cohhWaii: :cohhWaii:

And then Bob died to a mechanical spider because I had to take a leak :cohhDerp:

And that is how the story of Bob ended :cohhPts:
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