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Mon Apr 08, 2019 11:55 pm

- Hi, how you doing? Thanks for being here!

Second - My name is Kevin, and I know, I really do know that asking for anything on twitch or anywhere is really annoying and shouldn't be done, but it really is for a good cause, so even if you can't help me, I just wanted to say thanks for your time. rooLove :cohhML:

I have a friend who has been mute for 7 years, she has Selective Mutism, and she can't really speak, because she sounds like a "dog", because her situation, she can't get a job in Brazil, because they don't give jobs to people who have disabilities like hers, and even if she did get a job, the minimal wage on Brazil is equal to 200$ , and she needs 10.000$ dollars for the surgery...

She tried going to phonologists, but they asked her to do a surgery that had a 3% to 10% chance of getting the patient completely mute because they could lose their vocal cords.
She even tried to go to a Psychiatric, but they wouldn't fix her voice obviously, they were trying to teach her how to live with her voice, but that's hard for her,
the reason for that is because i have Androphonia(results of Hyperandrogenism that i've had in my puberty.) and since my 18 years my voice was just getting worst, a mix betwen a dog barking and an elder, people started looking me weird and even treating me by the wrong gender, every time that happened i was getting more blocked to talk and more anxious to go out and to open my mouth.
- from her facebook page.

With a lot of hope we started a big donation charity for her, we are currently at $1.914.05 dollars, and we need $10.000.

Her stream is , she's been streaming for the last 312 hours (counting with the sleep hours) with high hopes of getting the amount she needs...

And here is her facebook post, explaining everything: ... 5037947992

If you could just go there and send a love message, just a small love message to cheer her up,
It would really make she, her whole family and friends happy.

And yes, I understand if you can't. I'm glad just by the fact that you read everything.

Thank you very much for reading and just by thinking of some way that you could help her. I hope you have a great week & month, thank you again.

Special thanks to everyone who went there and said something nice to her. :cohhGV:

- Kevin C. rooLove :cohhML:
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