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Quit Smoking Resources:

Prescription Medications
Zyban (bupropion hydrochloride)
Chantix (Varenicline)
Nictrol Inhaler

Nicotine Nasal Spray
Over the Counter Medications
Nicotine lozenge
Nicotine patch
Nicotine gum

Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic with Dr. Eric Westman (Center for Smoking Cessation Medical Director)
(919) 416-DUKE for appointments

Duke Integrative Medicine
This resource offers:
· Counseling services
· QuitSmart resources

Duke Live for Life Program (for DUKE employees only)
http://www.hr.duke.edu/benefits/wellnes ... /index.php

North Carolina Tobacco Use Quit Line
This resource offers the following services free of charge:
· Phone based counseling services (forms personalized quit strategies)
· On-line counseling for those ready to quit
· A directory of local NC cessation programs
· Quit kits

American Cancer Society
1-800-227-2345 or 1-877-937-7848
This resource offers:
· Phone based counseling services
· Self-help material
· Some people may qualify for free nicotine replacement therapy products

American Lung Association
This resource offers:
· Online smoking cessation programs
· Information on nicotine replacement therapy
· Smoking facts
· Quit smoking action plans

The National Cancer Institute
This resource offers the following service free of charge:
· Phone counselors to answer smoking related questions

Also consider participating in a smoking cessation clinical research study:
This website is run by the FDA and all approved clinical research studies are required to register on the site. The site is searchable by both location and keywords. Try entering your city or state, and using keywords such as "smoking," "nicotine," or "tobacco."
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I have been a non smoker for 6 months now hardest thing ive ever done after 16 years of hardcore smoking
But what has done it for me is vaping or e-cigerettes many tests need to be done but after trying ever method none to man this has kept me away from cigarettes hopefully for good also they come in delious flavours like bacon and waffle
after seeing lots of info and various tests ive come to the conclusion there alot safer than cigerettes also the only actual bad chemical in them is nicotine the rest of the chemicals i have used in my daily job(chef)
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Thank you for this message Laina53!
CONGRATULATIONS brigadierjones!!

Over the past decade+, I've used every form of smoking cessation thing (e-cigs, gum, inhalers, etc.) available to me. Even though I was always a "light" smoker, 1-10 cigarettes per day, nothing... not even cheap e-cigs worked. What finally got me to quit smoking was a HIGH QUALITY e-cig, a ProVari to be exact. I'm not perfect, but I've gone from a handful of cigarettes every day for 10+ years to a handful (literally 4-6) cigarettes this past year, 0 in the last 3 months. I'm now also reducing my nicotine levels, started at 18, now at 12. This is the 11th and by far longest time I've quit smoking. KEEP TRYING TO QUIT! Good luck everyone!
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I know a few people that quit using medical cannabis.My self included.Just medicated instead of smoking a cigarette, when having cravings. Around a year and a half with no cigarettes here.Have went months with out medicating during the year and a half.No cravings nicotine is now a demon in the past. Nature ftw.
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Hey guys ive been a pack a day smoker for the past 15 years and have tried and failed so many times to quit using conventional methods like the patch or gum but i always ended up goin back to smoking. But now i have been cigarette free for the past 6 months using an e-cigarette, i maybe had 3-4 actual smokes in the first week i started but now im smoke free and feel great i started at 18mg of nicotine and now im down to a 6mg juice hoping to fully get off but it does help with the cravings and there are no withdrawal symptoms to speak of i highly recommend trying it out the hardest part is finding a juice you like and there are so many out there.
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I started smoking when I was 15-16 years old and I quit when I was about 39. I am now 44 and have been using an ecigg (now a vape) ever since. I tried the patch, gum, chantix (which gave me horrible nightmares and dizzyness) and zyban which is also know as Welbutrin, which gave me even more anxiety and a rapid heartbeat.

I can now go without my vape for a day or two no problem, unless I am in front of the computer.
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