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Random little tips and pieces of information based on what I've noticed from Cohh's Dropped Frames discussion and him playing in general so far.
This is in no way complete, but might help with a few things and I will add on when I get the time and ideas for more.

Building time:

While 72 hours for a warframe + 12 hours for the parts might sound like a long time, it really is not, especially considering, that Cohh's already spent two days and barely scratched the surface of his first frame. Don't forget that this building time is NOT sequential. You can build (and you soon WILL build trust me) several items and frames at the same time and at this point, you won't have to wait 3 1/2 days for each new warframe, but much less time, once that initial building is complete. Cohh has already nearly completed all the Rhino parts and it will only get easier in the future to gain the resources for the normal frames. Every planet unlocked gives another frame to build and to unlock a planet you barely have to do 1 1/2 to 2 hours of running missions.

Clan Dojo and the Market also gives a plethora of blueprints for both warframes as well as weapons many of which can be built quite early on. Also don't forget that you have limited weapon slots and warframe slots. So unless you want to expand it soon (which you likely will) try to leave weapons you dont level right away in the foundry completed but unclaimed, its basically free storage slots for you and you can take out a completed weapon or warframe in the foundry whenever you like.

Try to build as many warframes and weapons as you can, getting blueprints and parts as early as you can. If you have everything ready in your foundry you don't have to wait and theres no cap on how many items you can build at the same time. Check market & Clan Dojo for blueprints of weapons you can build without any parts.

Power Level / Strength:

If you ever feel like your weapons or warframe is too weak, aim for better mods and more capacity not for new weapons. Later weapons with higher mastery rank will have slightly better base stats, but in the end, the really big amount of a warframe's and weapon's power comes from fully modding it with the right mods. Check the wiki (always a good source), the codex (often shows drop locations) as well as ask your community where to find mods. Try to find weapons that you are comfortable with playing, that you enjoy the playstyle and stance of and then stick with that weapon for a while. Switching weapons is about playstyle choice rather than power. Try not to run around with only new weapons at rank 0, when you've already leveled one to 30. If you keep at least 1 of your 3 weapons at max/high rank, you will never really be in a situation where you switched out all your good gear only to realize that you are suddenly out of a weapon to properly deal damage with. Even the best weapons in the game cannot in any way compete with a fully modded starter weapon without having any mods.

You get stronger with more and better mods on weapons and warframes. The power increase with new weapons on the other hand is minimal. As such, stick to one set of leveled gear for tough enemies and then switch out parts of that set for easier encounters so you always level something while also always having at least 1 weapon with you that's already leveled to deal proper damage.

Affinity (Experience) and how it works

The affinity system is rather complicated in warframe, but it's highly important to understand, especially for new players. You can literally do missions for hours, but if done in a wrong way you will earn next to no affinity, making your farming really inefficient. Learn when affinity is shared, how it is shared and learn how your affinity is split between your gear. Unlike in most other games, affinity splits are not intuitive, nor are they based on how much % of enemies you kill or damage you deal, the stats at the end of a mission have literally nothing to do with how much affinity you get.

There are two major ways to earn affinity. One is to kill an enemy yourself, while the other is to have a squad member kill one when you are in his or her affinity range. Affinity range is a range where you get affinity from others indicated by the triangular symbol next to other squad members' names. Once it disappears you're too far away to still get affinity from their kills. Thats BAD, try to avoid being too far apart when you want to gain lots of affinity.

As you get affinity from others, playing in a squad of 4, usually gets you drastically more affinity than just playing solo. If you want to level your gear, make sure you're in a squad of 4.

Every enemy, depending on their level gives a certain amount of affinity. Killing more enemies nets you more affinity. Higher enemies net you more affinity, but the caveat is that warframe is very much based on quantity instead of quality. Some tougher eximus enemies give you quite a bit more affinity, but if it takes you too long to defeat them, it might be worth more if you simply kill two groups of smaller enemies instead.

The affinity is the same, no matter if you or your squad members kill them.

It is important what weapon or means you use to kill an enemy. If you kill an enemy yourself it's always a 50% split between the weapon used to kill the enemy as well as the other 50% going to your warframe. If you use warframe abilities 100% of the affinity you create go to your warframe.

In other words, if youre solo and only kill using your melee weapon. Your primary and secondary weapons will never see any real affinity gains. If you want to level a specific weapon by going solo, try to use it!

If a squad member kills an enemy while in affinity range, the split you will get is 25/25/25/25 meaning your warframe gets 25% of the affinity and the remaining 75% is shared among all your weapons. if you only bring a melee and a primary weapon and no sidearm, your warframe will get 25% and primary and melee weapon will each gain the remaining 75% split, in other words 37.5% each.

If you only want to level a single weapon, don't bring any others along unless you need an extra weapon to kill the enemies quickly. Less weapons brought with you, means a higher percentage of the share for each of the few weapons you bring along.

Fully ranked (lvl 30) weapons will make affinity 'poof' basically you're wasting them. While higher ranked weapons if well modded might help with faster killing and in the end might make up for it, 50% of everything you kill directly with it will be wasted. The other 50% still go your warframe if it is not already rank 30 as well. If you plan on gaining most of the affinity due to other squad members killing enemies, it might be more worthwhile to just bring weapons to level and no weapon at rank 30 to kill and instead bring along a support warframe like a nekros for loot, trinity for defense or a boost frome like rhino with roar or octavia to boost your squad mates killing speed instead, profiting from their kills while you help support them and give them an easier time.

As for squad shared affinity the same applies. for each fully ranked 30 weapon, all of the affinity split will just poof if it goes to a rank 30 weapon.

There is no TL:DR for this. It's important to understand this shit so make some time for it to learn it early. :P If not you're basically wasting your time while ranking up your gear! More killing = always faster leveling is NOT true at all in warframe. 90% of the time those with the least amount of damage done in a mission will profit with the most affinity gains for their weapons.

Weapon Channeling

Weapon Channeling increases damage and applies other effects if modded for (the most commonly used one likely being Life Strike) to melee attacks while you have your melee weapon out (hold F by default if youre on Primary or Secondary) as long as you activate the channel (default is holding left mouse button while striking with E)
While channeling each hit on an enemy consumes a certain amount of energy. The amount is affected by certain mods, but in general except for life strike no one uses a lot of channeling mods because they are currently sub par. DE mentionedbefore that they plan to change it in the future or remove it altogether and replace it with other mechanics like heavy hits, but not many details are known about that yet.

Things to look out for

Most resources can be easily farmed and obtained going to the right places at any time you like. There are a few things however that can only be acquired with special alert missions or rare gift of the lotus missions. Look for the following and try to get as many of them as possible, as there is no easy way to farm for those.

.) Nitain Extract => only drops from alerts, used as material for certain frames and weapons
.) Orokin Reactor (Blueprint) => only from special alerts and as reward for certain events or quests, otherwise has to be bought with platinum, used to double warframe mod capacity you will always
want this on your most used warframes
.) Orokin Catalyst (Blueprint) => only from special alerts and as reward for certain events or quests, otherwise has to be bought with platinum, used to double weapon mod capacity you will always
want this on your most used weapons
.) Any mods from alerts you don't have. Some mods can only be aquired with alerts or by trading for them

Weapon Mods you want to get your hands on quickly and you also want to max rank them quickly as these are the staple mods used for pretty much any build out there:

Primary Weapons:

.) Damage and Multishot Mods, in specific Serration and Split Chamber for Rifles, Point Blank and Hell's Chamber for Shotguns
.) Heavy Caliber for weapons that don't need high accuracy
.) All 4 Pure Elemental Damage Mods for Rifles and all 4 Pure Elemental Damage Mods as well as the Damage + Elemental mod Blaze for Shotguns
Stormbringer, Infected Clip, Hellfire, Cryo Rounds for Rifles
Charged Shell, Chilling Grasp, Contagious Spread, Incendiary Coat for Shotguns
.) Crit Mods, Point Strike and Vital Sense for Rifles, Blunderbuss and Ravage for Shotguns
.) All 4 Dual Element + Status Mods for Rifles and Dual Element + Status Mods for Shotguns
High Voltage, Malignant Force, Rime Rounds, Thermite Rounds for Rifles
Frigid Blast, Scattering Inferno, Shell Shock, Toxic Barrage for Shotguns
.) Fire Rate Mods like Speed Trigger can help in some situations
.) Sinister Reach and Combustion Beam can be very useful for some beam weapons on low to mid ranked content

Secondary Weapons

.) Damage and Multishot Mods, in specific Hornet's Strike, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent
.) All 4 Pure Elemental Damage Mods for Secondaries
Colvulsion, Deep Freeze, Heated Charge, Pathogen Rounds
.) Crit Mods, in specific Pistol Gambit and Target Cracker
.) All 4 Dual Element + Status Mods for Secondaries
Frostbite, Jolt, Pistol Pestilence, Scorch
.) Fire Rate Mods Like Gunslinger can be helpful in some builds

Melee Weapons

.) Damage Mod Pressure Point
.) All 4 Pure Elemental Damage Mods for Melee
Fever Strike, Molten Impact, North Wind, Shocking Touch
.) Crit Mods, in specific True Steel and Organ Shatter
.) All 4 Dual Element + Status Mods for Melee
Vicious Frost, Volcanic Edge, Virulent Scourge, Voltaic Strike
.) Attack Speed Mods like Fury can help in many builds
.) Life Strike for that highly important life steal on channeling
.) Reach can help with some weapons that have a high base range (it's percentage based as such daggers fist weapons etc. won't really profit much, but polearms and whips get some good
.) All stance mods for weapons you want to use

Harder to farm but extremely helpful, something to keep in mind for later, by that point you likely have most of the others and a decent grasp of warframe and modding anyways:

.) Condition Overload for Melee
.) Set Mods, you usually get them as bounty rewards from Plains of Eidolon missions in Cetus. At the latest you can start those once you have completed the questline The War Within and feel ready
to go to Cetus, though it's possible to get them earlier
.) Argon Scope for Sniper Rifles
.) Combo Counter mods like Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds as well as Body Count / Drifting Contact for melee
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Corpus Ciphers

As many players have troubles with corpus ciphers I thought I'd give a short info on a rather quick way to solve them.

First of all, what are corpus ciphers and what do they look like?

Corpus Ciphers, like other ciphers are picture codes that you have to combine in a certain way to solve them. They are used to 'hack' consoles in the missions for various purposes but most of the time to unlock doors, barriers or prison cells. Corpus ciphers can be found in corpus missions, grineer and other ciphers work a little bit different.

The higher the level of the mission the more parts the cipher usually has. An example of one such corpus cipher is below.


At the top you see the time in seconds you have until you fail to solve the cipher. You solve it by rotating the pieces in a way that all lines are connected.

Now whats the best way to go about it? I'm not sure if its the best way, but I will explain one way to do the 7 piece ciphers here. The smaller ones are usually not that hard to solve.

A few things to keep in mind:

.) First, you start by rotating all the outer parts in the right direction.
.) Once done with all the outer parts you rotate the center piece

.) Start with 3 line pieces and rotate them until the middle line points towards the center. The center line for 3 line pieces is always supposed to be pointing towards the center. No big guessing or thinking necessary.


Image Image

.) Next look for 2 line pieces with 1 side in between the two lines empty, they look similar to the 3 line pieces with the middle line missing. Point this 'missing line' also towards the center in the same way you did with the 3 line pieces.


.) Once all of these are covered there are just two types of pieces remaining.

2 line pieces that look like a V with the lines on sides next to each other, and 1 line pieces.
Complete the 2 line pieces first.


For these 2 line V pieces one of the lines always goes to the center, while the other line always points to the outer piece on the left or right side that still has an open connection.
If on either side there is an already completed piece that has no connection then the connection automatically has to be on the opposite side. Always start with pieces next to already completed pieces and then work your way through.


As for 1 line pieces, connect them to either the left or the right side, depending on where you have a connection. If none of the sides have a connection point them towards the center.

.) When all outer pieces are complete, your cipher is either already solved, or you just have to 'blindly' rotate the center piece until it completes.

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This is an awesome guide. :)
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Thanks :)

Trading in Warframe and ways to make Platinum

As many people enjoy playing warframe with clan members or with random people in missions, but have no good idea when it comes to trading, I decided to make a post about it.
Trading is immensely helpful to your warframe carreer. This does not mean that it is not possible to acquire everything on your own, but by design, warframe with its multitude of content and quite a bit of random luck when finding parts, is unlikely to bless you with a single part of exactly what you need on your first 'try'

You will soon find yourself with a lot of duplicate mods, prime parts or other things you might not want to sell to the 'NPC' game system for just a few credits or endo.

Trading comes hand in hand with making platinum, which is not only the real money currency, but also the one used most often if not the exclusive one (when talking about currency) for trading.
Ever wondered how to get more warframe and weapon slots without spending money? Always wanted to grab some of those colors, or get more forma and reactors and catalysts?

Making platinum is actually not as hard as some might believe it is, it's mostly about knowing what to sell and where to get it. To give you some ideas (because by no means will this little post be in any way complete in terms of scope) I made this little post. Maybe it helps you.


First of all trading. There are two ways to trade, with one being mainly used and the other being an option that is so much of a pain in the behind that it is rarely used.

The most commonly used method is to use a Trading Post in a clan. Trading Posts are decorations that let you -duh who would have guessed - trade with other players.
You can trade up to 5 items per trade this way, with a limited amount of trades per day depending on your Mastery Rank. Items except for platinum and a few other exceptions generally don't stack.

In our Cohhilition Clan you find it in the Main Hall of the Dojo, on the upper floor when you come in as the picture below shows.


You can use one of the 4 consoles on each side of the trading post to initiate a trade with anyone else who is around in the Dojo, including clan members as well as others who were invited.
It also shows your remaining trades for the day.



The second Method is to go to Maroo's Bazaar

You can get there eather by Navigating to the relay directly or use the alert subtab which will automatically find it for you


Once there you find people standing around with what one could call stalls or shops. They sell a certain amount of items that are listed next to them.
Why is barely anyone using it? Well first of all, compared to trade chat, not to mention places like warframe.market the amount of people and therefore items you can trade there is very very limited. People usually only go to Maroo for trading in ayatan Sculptures and doing their weekly ayatan sculpture runs.

The main reason why no one is trading there is because to figure out what someone sells you have to get close to them and the interface that shows the items above their head is really not very helpful. As pretty much everyone has a clan, even if its just a simple 1 person clan for trading and it's not hard to set up a trading post, using a Dojo for trading and trade chat to find what you need is usually way easier than running around madly looking for that one single item you might want.

For how you actually start to do so, you press Q or whatever your button for your Gear Menu is and then hit the Set up Shop button at the top right side. As mentioned this is rarely used and rarely useful as such I will not go into detail trading with this method.

An Item's Value

There are many questions that come with trading. The first is, what is the value of something.

Trade, in any game, or in any free market system is really all about finding someone that will pay a certain amount for an item. If one person pays 100 plat for an item and the second only gives you 50, then the item is still worth 100. If the person paying you 100 doesn't want a second though and there is no one else paying you 100 for it, then the next higher offer will count.

As prices always are and always will be subjective there is never a 'true' price of what something might be worth. Price is always fluctuating depending on the people who want to buy and sell something.

Now that sounds like a mighty math formula, but in the end doesn't really help you even a tiny bit to actually know what things are worth right? Now to gauge the price of something, what comes in handy is to know how many items have been traded in the last hours/days or maybe even weeks and for what price.

Because that's really what it comes down to when it comes to have an idea of an average price. Quantity. How many were sold over a certain time and what was their general price range.

If you have 10 people that bought something for 50, and 1 person who bought the same item for 200, then that person who sold their item for 200 was the lucky one, but not exactly the norm. Can this indicate that the item is rare and there are just not enough sellers putting it at a high enough price? Possibly. Just check how many sell it for less than 200. If theres a high number of people selling it for less, chances are you will have a harder time selling it for 200 instead of 50.

Where do I find what to buy and sell

Now that we have settled on the biggest two points that we wanna know, that being the items price as well as the quantity being sold in a certain time, we need a way to figure out where to get this info from. In general, not including Maroo's Bazaar, there is trade chat which is an ingame chat tab people use for buying and selling items, as well as 3rd Party websites like warframe.market

Trade chat has the advantage that you might find items cheaper or might be able to sell items more expensive than on 3rd party portals where prices have stabilized a lot more. It is rather common to see people who trade a lot to buy their items cheaply from trade chat and then sell them on warframe.market for a higher price later on. Trade chat is very volatile, mood swings, just luck with no one being around selling an item for cheaper (which will net your own sale a higher price) or an overabundance for a certain item giving you a lower price is very common there.
The lack of a good interface that shows you any historical data is both a blessing and a curse depending on what you are aiming for.

warframe.market (and other sites, though as I have only used warframe.market so far I will focus on that) on the other hand, provides a good interface on historical data of items being sold, along with the quantity and even market tools like graphs and whatnot. Now for most of the gamers this might be very over the top, but even for the more casual approach its really not hard to type in an items name and then see a list of what people are currently selling it for.



Due to the high amount of items sold and the better historical overview, you get a more accurate average than hanging out in trade chat for forever just to see if you get any cheap items or high offers for your own goods. Another advantage is that its usually faster than waiting in trade chat especially when it comes down to more rare items.

What can I sell and how do I make platinum

Now that we have figured out how to check for prices and what something might be worth, we also want to know what generally sells well and is easy to get, or where to get more expensive items easily. In general you can say, that the more time invested the more plat you will get. Duh, who would have guessed that if you spend 100 hours farming parts to sell you will net more than spending 1 hour ... to get a good idea of what is worthwhile lets break it down a little bit more.

.) Value per Item
.) Quantity available
.) Availability

Theres quite a few more indicators of why you would sell something, but I broke it down into these three which are very important to me.

First of all you want to find items that are high value per item, because you have limited trades. On the other hand this raises the question how high it has to be and how easy a lot of them are to farm. finding 5 items worth 5 plat are still worth more than 1 item worth 10 plat. As for availability, vaulted items are usually worth more than currently available parts, on the other hand you might want them yourself and might not be willing to sell them.

Start by setting some rules for yourself what you want to sell in the first place. Are you only selling parts that you have duplicates of, or are you selling everything no matter if you've built these frames and weapons before? Once you know what you are willing to sell, it is usually a lot easier to find out what you have available to sell.

Once you know what you're willing to sell, it also depends on what you enjoy doing. Making plat becomes easier the more things you already have (duplicates are usually sold after all, the less you need on your own the less you need to save up and the more you can sell) but this does not mean that with a little effort new players cannot find items to sell.

Below you find some items or item categories that I recommend selling, feel free to check prices on your own though and find the items that work for you.

.) Relics and Prime Parts / Blueprints
Probably the most commonly farmed and the easiest to acquire is prime parts and relics. Relics don't sell for extremely high prices, so most of the time you will net more by farming the items yourself and then selling the high valued ones. Common drops you don't need yourself and are low in value can often be turned into ducats to trade for primed mods from the void trader, some of them also sell rather well, making the 'trash' drops a way albeit slower to earn something on their own.

Relics become available once you reach the planet Mars, which is a few hours into the storyline/starmap by that time you likely also unlocked your ability to trade with others.

In general a fissure run with 4 opened relics for an average time of around 20-25 minutes usually nets you anywhere from 10-30 plat if you just sell all the items. You might be lucky and get a good rare drop and that value can spike up to over 100 quickly, but making 10 or 20 plat for 20 minutes effort is a very down to earth realistic value.

.) Syndicate items
The 6 different factions all give out symbols that you can wear in your appearance tab of your warframe. You get standing with the faction which you pick the symbol for (recommended would be picking the three right or three left factions as you can level 3 at the same time without a problem without negatively influencing each other)
There is a daily cap based on your Mastery Rank so the higher MR you are, the more standing you can gain per day. The nice thing about just passively wearing the symbols on each warframe you have is that it's literally free standing points while you run your regular missions. While there are special syndicate missions you can get to your daily cap easily by just running your regular ones.

Syndicate mods sell for about 15 plat each, while weapons are more expensive to buy but also net more. It's a nice way of making plat 'on the side' without having much extra effort.

.) Cetus & Plains
Cetus and Plains of Eidolon net some very nice items for sale. First of all to get standing, a good way to go about it is running bounties. Bounties not only give you cool set mods for use and sale but also other goodies like lenses stance mods, gara pieces, endo etc. With enough standing you can advance in mining and fishing. As for mining, every Nyth and Sentirum gem gives several plat while fish are easy enough to get and also net you 1-3 plat for the most part with the rare ones even more.

I can recommend mining and fishing for players who already enjoy these activities. Their values are rather low, so if people just buy one gem at a time you have a lot of work just running from dojo and back for a few meagre plat, but on the other hand they are rather easy to get once you get the hang of it. It's not hard to get 1 Nyth or Sentirum gem every 2 minutes and experienced players will likely net more than that. I highly recommend trying to sell them in 'bulk' of 5 items if you can. That way you save up on daily trades and have less overhead. People will likely buy them, at least I would. :cohhCheer:

.) Arcanes
If you enjoy hunting Eidolons, especially the bigger ones, selling Arcanes can be very profitable. You need to wait for nights, but doing one of the big Hydrolyst runs nets you 3 arcanes, usually at least 1 of them worth a little more. With a decent team and a somewhat relaxed approach running a Hydrolist down takes about 20-30 minutes, with average gains for one run somewhere between 30-40 plat.

.) Event and Alert mods
Most alert or nightmare alert mods sell for 5-10 plat. With lots of alerts out there and usually only a time investment of about 5-10 minutes these are good ways to add on to your items for sale.
During bigger events, especially events like acolytes you might want to farm a bit more. Some of those rare mods sell for dozens and hundreds of platinum

.) Rivens
Arguable one of the best ways to get platinum, but also very high random chances involved. As there is no good way to gauge their price currently due to the variable stats and low amount traded it can be hard to see how pricey or cheap these rivens are. Some riven mods can make you several thousand plat, while others are worth next to nothing. In general not something for newer players. If you happen to stumble upon a riven mod that you don't want to use or roll yourself, make sure to carefully check its usefulness and price instead of just selling it cheaply.
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Eidolon Hunt Work In Progress

What are Eidolons?

You might have heard, or even seen Cohh hunt Eidolons. First of all, what are they and why do people even hunt them in the first place?
Eidolons are Sentient type creatures that all have some sort of mechanic that requires void energy to fight effectively. If you have not done the second dream and war within quests and unlocked your operator, you might want to stop reading here and do these quests first, as you might not have an idea of what an operator even is at this point.

There are currently 4 types of Eidolons on the Plains of Eidolon

Eidolon Vomvalysts

Vomvalysts are small flying minion type Eidolons that shoot energy at you. They have two forms, the first of them being a physical one, while the second is a so called ghost form.

Image Image

In order to defeat them you need to first shoot their physical form and then shoot their ghost form with void energy (for example by using your operator which is currently the only effective way of doing so) You can shoot the physical form both with your warframe as well as with your operator. Especially with later amps its usually more effective to kill both forms with the operator directly instead of switching between warframe and operator.

Alternatively you can shoot their physical form while standing close to an eidolon lure (more on those later) if close enough, and the lure is not yet full, it will destroy their ghost form and suck them up automatically.

Vomvalysts always drop an Intact Eidolon Core as well as a ball of eidolon lure energy that you can pick up with either operator or warframe and when you get close to a lure that is not yet fully charged it will suck up this energy as if you would have killed the vomvalyst next to the lure.
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