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Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:39 am

Decided to write this quick tutorial since SOE is still working on the patch for the patch. :D

I was digging H1Z1 config files and noticed there are 5 emotes unbinded.
Don't have any screenshot from the original file so straight to the point.

First i quote scorpsquad (thanks for the gamma raising tutorial!):
[QUOTE="scorpsquad, post: 21889, member: 16060"]I wanted to post how to adjust your gamma for H1Z1 for the cohhilition.

First go to your H1Z1 Folder, but instead of UserOptions.ini choose InputProfile_User.xml !!


If you are not sure what you are doing you should copy the original InputProfile_User.xml to be able to revert back easily!

After opening the file (InputProfile_User.xml) add the lines highlighted and save the file. Now you can use these emotes in-game with left Alt+F1 to F5 combinations.
(from the same file you are able to change other keybinds)

These emotes are not a big deal, but hopefully someone get fun out of them!

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wheres link
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