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Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:34 am

Members of the Cohhilition, I just wanted to update you of some of the awesome new features available to you at h1z1db.net.

Some of our key features include:
  • Interactive Survival Map with 9!! levels of zoom
  • Community Item POI Database
  • Squad Management with a shared map overlay
  • Tactical Planning and Collaboration Tools (Draw and plan in real time on your squads map)
  • Pseudo Real Time Player Updating using our desktop app (NO not hacing or cheating!!)
  • Map Markers from In game, no tabbing required
For additional info, check out:

Our sub reddit: /r/h1z1db
Our user guide: Available on Steam

@Cohh: I've reserved your squad name, we invite you to create an account on our site and we'll gladly transfer ownership to you.

Creator of h1z1db.net
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