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Hello folks, those who been playing guild wars 2 since 2012, a lot have been changed during first expansion.
The core game been play for free since Sept 2015 and second expansion landed during 2017.

I've been playing guild wars 2 since release date and been appreciating the game more than any other mmo out there, I call it home since I've been passion about something different within the western mmo, eastern mmorpg didn't appeal to me due by miss leading and secondary the development team design the mmo around their culture from ground up so eastern mmos couldn't be my cup of tea.

select play for free, if you would like to try the game out, before purchasing. a quick link to it.

What does Play for free offer that is a core gameplay?
- 5 different races.
- 8 different classes
- Your personal story
- Open world bosses that can be done within the group
- Open world + Events that was designed for core game
- Guild missions + Puzzles
- Jump puzzles within center of Tyria
- 6 different Festivals within the game on a rotational way.
- 8 different Dungeons. Story within dungeon then you could select path 1 to 3 afterward finishing up with story.
- PvP Start off at lv. 3! (Your own character going be boosted to 80 which you can select any build that you would like to try out as a core player)
- Fractals, there's different tiers for 20-23 fractals highest tier is 4 which fractals mechanic wise is slightly changed to feel it as new fresh fractal.(lv. 80) fractal max scale is 100.(which is in tier 4)
- WvW Starts off at lv. 60. (my own recommendation when you hit 80 try it out.)
- and more!
- Some Ascended armors/weapons and recipes
- Use of some chat functions
(There's few restrictions as Play For Free)
- Can't use map chat.
- Can't visit major cities till lv. 10
- Can't go to Lion Arch major trade hub for all cities( at lv.40+)
- Can't use some functionality of trade post.
- Can't send mail with items
- Whispers are limited, unless the person is a friend.
- Say chat is limited.
If you don't mind these restrictions, that's all upfront for $0, don't miss this opportunity, which was 59.99$ during 2012 (without these restrictions)!

If you're considering purchasing 2 expansions at full price or during sale here is what it does offer, it mostly be more content for new comers, even for those who did play guild wars 2 and stopped.

What is a mastery?
- Mastery level isn't same as Lv. 80. It starts at lv. 1 then you level up the mastery as you go along. Current max mastery with 2 expansions is 283. (might increase in future).

Central Tyria
- 49 Different mastery
- Living story 2 (before heart of Thorns)

What does Heart of Thorns Expansion offer?
- Continue of the lore story that from the core game
- 5 different mastery that you can obtain through the expansion + 1 hidden which is for Raids.
- Advanced Ascended armors/weapons/recipes
- Legendary Armor, weapons and recipe that's tied to heart of thorns.
- 4 different Raid wings access
- 144 Mastery.
- 2 Guild Hall to be claimed by your guild
- Living story 3
- Revenant class unlock
- 9 different Elite Specialization

What does Path of Fire Expansion offer?
- Continue of the lore /story from Heart of Thorns
- 7 different mastery, which the 6 of them is for 6 Different mounts.
- Advanced Ascended armors/weapons/recipes
- Legendary collection for ring
- 2 different Raid wings access
- 90 Mastery
- Usable mounts in core game, heart of thornes and Path of Fire.
- 1 Guild Hall to be claimed by your guild
- Living story 4
- Revenant unlock (??)
- Another 9 different Elite Specialization.

Normal price for two standard expansions is $49.99 without sales, with current sale since 25th of March 2019, you get two standard expansions for $24.99 by applying the following code:


For the news related about this: ... -week-one/

An important note: Don't use level 80 booster, it will cut core game content and you will be confused about the story.

Current Festival available for everyone. Yes even if you're play for free you can play this festival!
Super Adventure Box from 28th of March 2019 till 18th of April 2019
Related to SAB ... 9-is-live/
It's on Rata Sum (Major city for Asura race) nearest waypoint [&BBQEAAA=] or enter through one of major cities for different races.

If you are new to guild wars 2 need help in-game feel free to add me in-game, by pressing Y in game, there's Add / Search bar enter the following

(Europe Region)

(US Region)

Give the game a fair chance \o/ :cohhOMG:
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