How to get into the Guild Wars 2 Lore?

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Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:33 am

I am a huge lore fan of any Game, it's what drives me to play large RPGs such as this, so I wondering if you have any suggestions on where I can look up lore on Guild Wars 1-2?

Thus far I have read the two books they have released (really wished there was more), I've watched numerous Lore videos from WoodenPotato's Youtube Channel and read up numerous articles on the Guild War 1-2 Wiki and have read up on this blog quite a bit. But I wondering if anyone else had any-more suggestions to add to this list?
I'm finding it hard to read up on Guild Wars Lore, not because it's hard to write but because it's simply only viewable (From what I have found) in dull articles. I would love to read stories not pages of facts and History.

So, do you have any suggestions?
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