Tell me about your Fallout playthroughs! [Spoilers Obviously]

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So, I've beaten Fallout: NV and Fallout 4 a few times each and everytime I replay them I always switch things up. For example, in NV, my first playthrough I fully supported NCR but my second playthrough I went with the Legion. Also changed around the fate of Benny.

Anyway, in Fallout 4 I decided to go even further and roleplay a character. My first playthrough I was a judgy goody two shoes, killed the institute and BoS, sided with the minutemen because Railroad is harmless and my character viewed both the BoS and Institute as morally wrong. My character saved synth Shaun because she wanted some form of her son back and didn't want an innocent child to die. Far Harbor, my character saved everyone, stopped the talk of wanted to kill DiMA and other synths. Killed the Children of Atom because my character thought they were deranged for worshipping Nuclear Bombs. For Nuka World, my character did the "bad" ending of saving the traders and killing the raiders because slavery and exploiting people for my character was wrong.

My character became good friends with Piper, Cait, Curie and Danse. She was torn between Deacon and Preston but, in the end, chose Preston because, to her, was the better person and Deacon was a bit too shady for her.

(My favourite playthrough so far) My second playthrough I Roleplayed a former military special ops turned Mercenary while looking for the killer of his wife and the one who abducted his son. Basically, I wanted a reason to play a male because in my first playthrough I played as the female sole survivor and also because Courtenay Taylor was the VA... aka Female VA of Jack in ME. For my Mercenary character, I only "joined" factions for caps and loot. My character never cared for the minutemen because, at the end of the day, he was only in it for himself. My character didn't care for synths because, to him, if they needed to be killed, they were killed. If they were willing to pay well to kill someone else, my character would be more than willing to accept. The same went for humans. When having to decide between the BoS and Institute, my character took into consideration which side benefits him the most. In the end, he chose BoS because they offered superior firepower and he saw what they did to Kelogg and didn't want to take any chances. When asked to adopt synthetic Shaun, it took my character a few minutes of consideration. Because he didn't care for the difference between synthetics and regular humans, he chose to take him under his wing because of a couple reasons: A. Nostalgia, he still wanted his son back, taking synth Shaun was the closest thing he could get and he still wanted a legacy. B. He could prove useful. Far Harbor to my character was just another job and in the end, he left both sides alive because if one side is dead, there's a loss of caps. Nuke World was perfect for my character, operators was perfect for my character because they shared the same goals: Money over everything and smart, well planned, missions. The Pack was kept alive because they gave me "The Problem Solver". My character hated the disciples because they were too sadistic. He may have been a mercenary but even he had a moral line and you crossed it when you ruthlessly torture and kill people for fun.

Gage was my character's go to companion; for obvious reasons. My character's romance was only Cait. He was able to relate more with her than Curie and Piper because she was just as messed up as he is and they both love to fight. Plus that accent is just <3. Piper was just too much of a goody two shoes and, in his previous life, he never trusted the press. Curie for my character was too innocent and felt he would have to babysit her in fights because he didn't see any potential in her as a fighter.

That being said, how were your playthroughs? Be it Fallout 4 or New Vegas, I would love to hear them!
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So I finally managed to upgrade my comp enough to finally play through Fallout 4 (no DLC) recently, and this was my first playthrough:

Female Sole Survivor, pre war was a former covert agent under the guise of a lawyer. The life got to be too much, so she found a way out, got married and started a family, content to just have a normal life. Then the bombs and the vault came. After witnessing the killing and kidnapping of her family, something snapped inside and she knew she'd have to go back to her old life in order to get her son back.

Upon leaving the vault, she had a singular focus, and though she hadn't gone off the deep end enough to outright refuse to help others, she didn't make it a point to go out of her way to do it. Along the way to Diamond City, she ran into the Brotherhood under attack. "These guys have some serious tech. Maybe I could use it to help find Shaun," she thought. So the survivor agreed to help Danse retrieve something to get on the Brotherhood's good side. Along the way, Danse slaughters a group of people almost instantly. Upon closer inspection, it was nothing but a trade caravan and some guards. "What the hell, this isn't what I signed up for. I'll finish the mission because I gave my word, but afterwards, we are done." (Somehow, I missed that raiders attacked the caravan and that is who was really attacked. :oops: )

After confronting Kellogg is when she snapped, "Every last one of these mother fluffers is going to die." She had become very much a loner and a ruthless killer, doing whatever was necessary to get to the Institute. When it became clear she couldn't do it on her own (and I wish there was an option in the game to not side with any faction, alas), she had already sworn off the Brotherhood, and the Minutemen weren't doing anything proactive, just reacting to various threats, so that left the Railroad. Didn't care about saving Synths, but they were the only one actively fighting the Institute.

Once finally inside, whoa boy, if there was a way to kill every last one of them, she was going to find it. Using the child Synth to toy with her emotions like that. Creating it in the first place, without thinking of the mental trauma later when this "boy" realizes he can never grow up, Father was going to die, and she was going to be the one to do it. Even upon finding out Father was Shaun, at first it was refusal to believe. Working with him more and more trying to stay undercover, she still didn't believe he really was her son, but even if he was, he was far too corrupted by the Institute and their sense of superiority and delusions of how the world worked.

Throughout everything, the Brotherhood got pissed off, because of course they did, they don't care about anyone, and finally there was a chance to destroy the Institute rather than just small scale skirmishes. Even though he was dying, the Survivor slit Father's throat as an act of mercy, and upon leaving, the child Synth approached. Oh at first, he had no idea who she was, and was scared, yet now all of a sudden is calling her mommy? Something ain't right. Not to mention what's going to happen later when he finds out he's not human. Puberty is already bad enough. So he was left to die in the explosion to spare an eternity of mental anguish.

Now completely and utterly alone, but her vengeance finally sated, maybe she can finally return to a normal life. Well, as normal as it gets in the wasteland.
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