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UPDATED: Removed some Agnarr related links and updated spell list link.

I've seen some questions repeated often in the guild chat so I thought it would be useful to have some information collected somewhere. If you can think of other useful tips or websites, please post them and lets make this thread as good as it can be.

  • Shared bank slot is a thing. If you need items from across the continent (spells, fire beetle eyes etc.), you can make a new character with a hometown close to your target and use them to buy spells/items, then store them in the shared bank slot and pick them up with your main character.
  • This command will set roles in a group: "/grouproles set PlayerName Number" (1 is main tank, 2 is main assist, 3 is puller)
  • When Main Assist has been assigned with the above command, you can assist them with "/assist main"
  • Group leader can mark NPCs for killing order. Or it is often used to differentiate charmed pets from enemies: "/gmarknpc Number" (1-3)
  • Hitting "V" key (default binding) will open up Alternate Advancement window. When you hit level 5 you can find the ability 'Origin' from that list and make it a hotkey. It will teleport to your race's home town and is available every 18 minutes.
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