[3.7 WIP] Hit once, hit hard! Heavy Strike Berserker

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Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:00 pm

Hi folks!

Not really an exsessive guide this time, just a PoB-Link for a build I did the last 2-3 days:


Main Idea:

Stack flat phys, crit multi and chance to deal double damage and oneshot Mapbosses with Heavy Strike.

Heavy Strike got buffed (immensely!). It now has 222% effectiveness of added damage (so 1 point of flat physical damage to attacks is like 2,2 damage for Heavy Srike!).
Also, it has a build-in chance to deal double damage of 20%.
Together with its Threshold-Jewel (Weight of the Empire), you can reach a basechance to deal double damage with Heavy Strike of 60%
Bersererk offers another 12,5% on Full Rage if you pick up the "Crave the Slaughter" Ascendancy-node.
If you further get the Labenchant for another 12% chance on double damage for Heavy Strike, you can reach 84,5%.
Finally, craft a Weapon with "Chance to deal double damage while focused" and their you go: 100% chance to deal double damage.

If you combine this with Multistrike and Ruthless (both buffed imennsly as well), you can get up to an average hit damage of about 2 million. Yes: 2 MILLION DAMAGE PER HIT ON AVERAGE!
This means you can essentially ~10 shot Shaper with end-game gear.

On top of that, you have ~5,5k-6k Life, 90% phys damage reduction, Frenzy and Enduramce charges, capped leech, over 100% movementspeed.

To finalize the build, you just need to use my PoB-template and change the foloowing things (PoB doesn't have the new gem-info yet, I will update the link once that in):

- change my placeholder-support "Bloodlust" for the new support-gem "Close Combat Support"
- change "Ruthless" to "Melee Splash" for clear, if you don't want to let your Totems do the clearing. Don't forget to Swap "Ruthless" back in for Bosses!
(- Maybe change Melee Physical Damage for "Rage Support". Need the numbers though, so be carefull here!)
- The open gemslot in my Boots will be taken by "Berserk". It's a new active Buff-Gem that gives us massive Bonuses on Bossfights, if we want to spent our Rage
- The open gemslot in the Gloves will be the new aura "Pride" for even more physical damage

The Items I'm using in the build is the "budget" option. Terminus Est is a really good Crit-Sword and usually super cheap (like 5-15c depending on the roles). Endgame goals should be a Starforge (from Shaper) or a crafted Exquisit Blade with "Socketed gems are supported by level 20 Fortify"+Physdamage, flat phys, crit multi ect (will be expensive/hard to craft). Terminus Est is just fine though to clear all content (3.5 mil DPS with old gem-values atm^^).
Helmet can be anything. Starkonja's is a nice balanced unique, providing both offense and defense. You can use any rare Life+resist helemt of course. Endgamegoal will be "Abyssus". This nealry doubles our damage.
The Gloves in the PoB are placeholders. They are now a Legion-exclusive pair of uniques and we don't know their stats and how easy we can obtain them. Just use rare "Spiked Gloves" for some extra melee damage instead.

If you have questions, feel free to ask!

Stay sane and get schwifty! :cohhGG:



I setup an alternative that could be even more fluid to play, will have to see later the weekend.

I changed the weird Curse setup and added a "Curse Assassins Mark on hit"-Shaper Ring. This frees up a 4-Link Setup where I use Flicker Strike for clearing. The missing Gemslot there will be "Pulverise Support".
The Gemslot in the boots will still be "Berserk" and the last one in the Helmet will be "Pride".

This adjustement gives us Power Charges, increasing our DPS and critchance, so it directly buffs our Frenzy Charge generation because of Terminus Est leading to more fluid Flicker Striking^^
This should result in neither needing gemswapping in and out Ruthless/Splash on Heavy Strike nor using Warchieftotem for Clear.
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Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:29 am


PoB got the geminformation in!

So here's the new pastebin:



- Dropped Blood Magic and took some other 5% Life nodes to compensate
- Chucked in War Banner and Blood and Sand as additional Buffs
- Took 1 Mana Leech node in the right side of the Tree to fix mana issues
- Changed Flicker Strike to Cyclone for clear (25 APS is just to good^^)
- Changed "Aspect of Carnage" (sry Cohh :P) to "Blitz". The damage is slightly lower, but the "10% increased damage taken" from Aspect of Carnage are to big of a deal for me. You can go full out FPS of course if you want.
- Changed the second 6-link-Setup from utility Warchief to Cyclone. Warchief on a 4-Link as utility is enough, because we get some more buffs in with Blood&Sand and Warbanner
- Fortify is actually amazing in terms of DPS. Chucked it in on both Heavy Strike and Cyclone and ditched it off of Leap Slam


~7 Mil Shaper DPS with Heavy Stike on affordable Gear (Terminus Est, Starkonya without any enchant ect) + ~5 mil Cyclone Clear-DPS.
~ 16.5 Mil Shaper DPS possible with Yolo-Gear (Starforge, Abyssus with HS-Double-Damage-Enchant) with Average hits of 2,8 Mil Damage. Essentially you could probably 1-Tab Shaper.

I currently play with a Terminus Est and a Tabula, am level 74 and only got 2 Labs finished and my Cyclone-Tooltip-DPS is allready jumping up to 160k (~260 with Berserk) and I don't even use Warbanner and Blood and Sand currently, because I was specced into Bloodmagic the hole time.. It's quiet ridiculous and fun as hell!

Keep it up!

If you have Questions, feel free to ask here, via PM or ingame: ArandurHeavyStriker
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