Favorite builds so far

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Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:33 pm

I was wondering what some of your favorite mech fittings are so far. I'll start.

Firestarter with 6 flamers and 6 jump jets

Panther with 4 medium lasers and jump jets
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Wed May 02, 2018 7:08 pm

Grave Walker
65 Tons Heavy Mech:
Thunderbolt TDR-5SE:

4 Med-Laser ++ (+10 D)
3 S-Laser ++ (+5 D, +25% Crit)
2 SRM-6 +++ (+4 D, +2 Stb)
Comm Systems +++ (+3 Morale)
Gyro ++ (+3 Hit Defence)
Heat Bank
4 JumpJets
Near Max Armor in Front, 5 in Back
3 double and 6 standart heat sinks

I got the mech right after the first argo mission (some lucky ass headshot there) in 3 star contract. And constantly upgrading ever since then. an i goddam love this mech. Fast, brutal & strong enought to core everything aside from max Armor King Crab / Atlas out in one targetet salvo if nessesary.

Aside from that i sport a Grasshoper "Dieselpunk" with 6 Flamer (3 of which produce 5 extra heat each), with max armor, +120 melee damage & +20 melee stb, 4 jumjets and no other weapons - fun as hell but not the most effective way to play the game. at least it give the enemy someone in perma bulwark to shot at as i do not have any weapons ^^

Damm i love this game ;)
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Thu May 03, 2018 5:43 am

I'm something of a purist, so I stay pretty close to standard loadouts.

This being said, I run a lance with 3 armored cockpits ++ and one comm system ++.

My current favorite loadout is an almost stock Highlander with Gauss Rifle, LRM20+++ (+dmg and stab dmg), 3 MLaser+++ (+dmg) and SRM6+++ (+dmg).
Combined with Tactics 9 this is enough to outright core almost any mech in the game.
This is being backed up by another Highlander with 2 LRM20+++ and 1 LRM10+++, with 3 MLaser+++. He stays in the back and gives obscene fire support as well as the morale boost with the comm system.

The absolut sexiest beast is the Black Knight. It is by far the most beautiful machine in my stable, but it only goes out for leisure cruises.
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