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Mon Aug 23, 2021 12:20 pm

I was out of sub for moment because I was switching payment methods.

As you probably know, the payment detection can be a little wonky at times, so I typed 'test' in chat to see if I was still subbed, because it seemed as though the payment had gone through the payment portal, yet I wasn't charged. Didn't want to try again and get double charged.


I was immediately flagged as a VIP, coming off from a 68 month sub streak, and of course I was given a gift sub by another wonderful viewer.

My understanding is that it's supposed to detect a long-term non-sub lurker typed someone after a long period of time.

I'm wondering if, because my status switched from sub to non-sub, it detected me as a non-sub who typed something for the first time in 68 months, when technically I should only have been a non-sub for a few minutes.

Don't get me wrong, love it, loved the gift sub, it's just that I was going to carry on sub-ing anyway, so a sub that could have gone to someone else dropped on me instead.

Hope this helps, thanks for everything! :cohh7:
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Sat Aug 28, 2021 9:16 am

Thats exactly how it's supposed to work.

Subscriber data is consumed in _near_ real time.
So when your sub ends, you are flagged as a non sub in out systems pretty much right away.

So that made you an eligible target. Things work _slightly_ differently when live. As the system targets long timers that have spoken recently. So it's more likely to roll to spottable VIPs.
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