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Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:46 pm

First, my apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere and I've missed it..but here goes:

With there being some debate about the hello queue in chat recently, I just wanted to throw my two cents in on a possible solution to maybe..? make people happy in being visible (especially with the new gold name at 10 system) and simultaneously letting more viewers be listed to give more variety to names Cohh calls out each stream.

Currently we have a system that detects when you do 'cohhHi' and.. based on token reqs and whether you are a sub or not will flag you as visible on the hello queue. We get our name to show BOLD the first time we ever make it on, and then for the 2nd through 9th times, a normal version is shown. At 10th time in the hello queue we get to see our name go Golden and this marks a nice lil milestone for all to see.

My proposal would be to take it at least 1 step further. First.. once you hit 10 and 'go gold' we then stop displaying the name when you type 'cohhHi' and meet requirements (BUT keep recording how many times we would have made it onto the hello queue..say a range of first 50-75 names or some such) UNTIL you hit your next milestone in the Hello Queue.. not unlike hitting an Achievement. Say... hello queue number 25, our name gets diplayed again.. gold but maybe with some extra 'flavor'.. an icon or some such to denote that new milestone (similar to bit badges). This would allow folks that don't get on as often to start showing up more and make their own way towards gold status while still giving more frequent 'cohhHi'ers a "Goal" to work towards. This could be reapplied at say.. 50, and 75, 100, etc or whatever interval seems appropriate and BOOM.. we solve the prob with the same names always showing up, while still letting long timers get to pop in now and again during more important milestones.

Hopefully this makes sense..but just a thought I personally as a semi-long timer would find very agreeable.

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