Kenshi Mods for Cohh and the Cohhmmunity (updated 01/12)

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Hi, first sorry for my english.
I want to give a suggestion of what mods Cohh and the Cohhmmunity can install without problems, crashes and without changeing too much of the core gameplay, only fixes and maybe things that the dev missed or wanted to add.
For now i recommend to buy the game in Steam because all the mods (or almost all) you cant find them in the Nexus Mods website or are very old and incompatible.
Sorry almost all of the links are from Steam Workshop, Nexus mods are missing a LOT of mods.
All the mods are tested and work great together.

So here is the list: :cohhWow:

Minor Mesh Fixes
Fix some hat meshes ... 1597882779

256 Recruitment Limit ... =705119823

Enhanced Shopping Economy
Mod to rebalance economy ... 1581929438

Dark UI
Better UI ... 1200632417

Reactive World
Adds a lot of events that happen to some factions depending of what you do with them, look description in Steam :cohhT: ... earchtext=

Flashier Fight :cohhAim: :cohhR:
Make flashier fight by making AI use more varied moves and attack faster. ... 1382695061

Bandit Disharmony
Bandit factions now hate each other, as they should. :cohhOld: ... earchtext=

Nice Map
Simple map replacement.
It includes some colour adjustments, zone outlines (in sort of scribbled style) and zone names. ... earchtext=

Mediocre Faces
Face textures that will blend well with existing vanilla faces. Currently available for Greenlander and Scorchlander. More variants to come. ... earchtext=

Copper Ore Drills
Did it never bothered you that you could unlock iron drills, but apparently you had to keep mining copper with a pickaxe forever ? Not anymore !
Add the copper drill (1-2-3) to the game. Unlock through the same research than iron drills. ... =893422439

Crow's World Gone Fishing
This mod lets you net fish, fry fish, and dry fish. You will need to research Fishing. ... 1223140204

Bury Your Treasure!
This mod adds Buried Treasure (in Camping build menu), a storage you can build in the wild so you can return to your loot with empty backpacks later. ... 1379852994

Recruitable Prisoners - with dialogue
Captured & UNARMED prisoners have a chance to join your faction. ... =726254871

Kill mods

Steam Version
Simple mod adding an item to every vanilla character in the game to kill them when downed. Unlike most other similar mods however, the item does not go into your inventory clogging anything up, simply vanishes into thin air.
Note: Right clicking this item in your own inventory will make the item disappear WITHOUT killing your character. ... text=kill

Nexus version
This mod adds two new 'Death Items' to the inventories of every character in the game. A 'Heart' for organic life forms and a 'Component' for skeletons. Removing these items from the inventory of an unconscious enemy will instantly kill them.
Removing the item has no effect on Squad members (even if they are unconscious) so feel safe to throw it away. ... escription
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