Suggestion for cohh to try and finish Pokemon Ultra Moon as a wholesome, cozy late night game

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Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:20 am

The franchise of Pokemon does not have crazy and mind blowing stories, but they do have great battle mechanics and cozy, wholesome gameplay to them.

I would love to see cohh trying Pokemon Ultra Moon again on stream and trying to proceed a bit further than the first few hours, which are known to be slow. (The game picks up faster after the first 2-3+- hours)

Just a cozy wholesome stream, and he can even get invested, potentially, in the competitive scene which is where its at - There is no end to the mechanics, strategies in online play - that's where you can get invested and get the wheels running.

Hope one day I will be able to see him play a full pokemon game, even if its not a top tier game for his own taste. I think it would be wholesome. :cohhWow: :cohhL:
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