What even is VodChat anyway? [Known Issues/Plans/ChangeLog]

For all the Suggestions and Feedback for https://vodchat.cohhilition.com/
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Fri Jun 04, 2021 11:15 am

VodChat is a new thing we have put together to let people see chat along side a YouTube video.

Since due to VodPacalypse the Twitch Vods are no more!

You can take a look see on https://vodchat.cohhilition.com/

You can use this forum to report bugs/issues and offer feedback!

Known issues/list of misc features in the works
  • No Emotes in chat, sooooooooon :cohhN: - Completed 11th June
  • Animated Emotes not animated :cohhN:
  • Timestamps in chat, this is coming as a user option along with other chat layout control options :cohhHmm:
  • New Videos are not added to the Database - the list is as a fixed point for testing purpose and should be auto collecting new videos shoon :cohhCop:
  • Not every video has chat enabled - well it's manually done so takes time :cohhOld:
  • "I can't even search", "Theres only 15 playlists here", it's all there the front end just only fetches a few to test with :cohhDerp:
  • When you skip about in a video it can cause some fun with the chat display
  • !enter spam - nuf said, just gonna flat remove it :cohhT:
  • scroll up - pause chat :cohhD:
  • readback is infinite :cohhFeels:
  • Some nice next/previous Vod in playlist buttons :cohhFish: