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Fri Jun 04, 2021 8:08 pm

First of all, i love the idea and am happy to see it. I love having chat next to the vod, but we all now twitch vods are kinda crap, so i often go and watch on youtube where unfortunately there is no chat. So i'm very happy to see this.
Now a few suggestion (might just be my preference not saying its a priority)

1) It would be cool if there would be a way to click a 'fullscreen' button that can fill the screen with the vod (like theater mode) with chat next to it.
Might be very beneficial for mobile users as well.
2) The vods are listed in playlists. It would be nice if we could watch the whole playlist, meaning after one episode is over, the next one starts and/or having a 'next' button to go to the next episode (basically just like watching a playlist on youtube).

Those are the first to things that came to mind while using this.
Keep up the hard work, it's great!
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Fri Jun 04, 2021 8:18 pm

1. will look into it

This version wasn't really intended for mobile so mobile editio just needs work :TM:

2. There is a YouTube Technical reason which may prevent us auto playing the next episode so it's pending futher investigation on what works best here.
Definetly adding a next/previous button, but autoplay might have a technical limitation
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