Readme first! Token Exchange and other issues!

Post here if you are having trouble with something.
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This thread will serve as the FAQ for common help issues that crop up!
Q. I changed my username and need Tokens to be transfered? [+] Show
Did you either

- Make a brand New Twitch Account?
You will need to open a thread in the help section and we can setup the transfer, you will need access to both accounts in order to be able to send a whisper to whom ever is going to process your transfer.

- Just changed your username?
There is nothing to do on a username change where you did not make a new account. Every Twitch Account has a ID associated with it. And we give tokens to the ID, so if you change usernames on the account there is nothing to do!
Q. I am not getting tokens! [+] Show
In order to give you tokens you need to be visible in the Twitch Chatters list. (The list icon below chat.)

Here is a non exhaustive list of things that could result in you not showing in chat:
  • If you are set to Invisible, (Top Right in the account drop down on Twitch)
  • You closed chat using the little [>] icon top right
  • You clicked full screen on the video player, and Twitch Chat disconnected itself
  • You are watching on a Smart TV or Console where there is no chat, then you won't show in the viewer list
Most of these issues can be solved by opening chat in another window, or not being invisible.
Q. My tokens are going up and down [+] Show
You are using the Token Checker Extension below the Stream. It estimates your current token amount and you actually didn't get any tokens, so when the Extension refreshed, it went down again.

The Token Checker does say "*estimated" when your token count is estimated.
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