Rust Server, MCGC |2/04| 10x |PvP|NA|Kits|Loot+

Server info for various games played within the Cohhmunity will be posted here.
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Fri Feb 19, 2021 3:07 pm

Hello I'm the Owner of MCGC ( MeowstardCat's Gaming Community ) I host game servers and recently opened Rust server more details can be found below:

Server name : MCGC |2/04| 10x |PvP|NA|Kits|Loot+

Ip address direct connect : connect

Battlemertics :

Vote link: Vote for MCGC 10x | SkinBox | Zombies | Stackable Chests (


Rust Io:

Server only runs custom maps

Server has custom Bradley spawns total of 11 in server on Hawk Ridge map.

Server has 100, 200 ,300, 400, 500 hour kits.

More information can be found below

Server base gather rate is 10x, You can get higher rates with Zlevel plugin.

Wipes will happen once a month when Facepunch updates Rust. Last wipe was 02/04/2021

Bp's, ZLevels,Eco will wipe every 60 days. Next Bp's, Eco and Zlevels is ( 03/04/2021 )

Some plugins on server are: Zlevels, Stackable Chests, SkinBox, Zombies, Kits, Clans, RustIO, GUIShop and more.

Server runs Custom maps, Currently it is Hawk Ridge Next month ( 03/04/2021 ) it will be this map see YouTube video below ... e=emb_logo

If you would like to join and receive a free 100 hour play kit say " Admin Cohh100 " and I will assign the correct role to you. This does not expire.

Hope to see people join from this community. :cohhOMG: :cohhOMG:
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