interested in raiding Conan Exiles end game? PvE, coop styled server "up"

Server info for various games played within the Cohhmunity will be posted here.
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Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:45 pm

Hi All I've had the fortune of putting various game servers together here amongst Cohhilition members and we've had a lot of fun w/ Dark and Light, ARK and most recently Conan Exiles.

We have a smaller group and would like to find a few folks who want to join us in the quest to
  • * Playing w/ some PvP settings
    * Generally defaults, but have changed FUEL to last 5x duration in order to deal with the unusual imbalance I perceive with bark in particular
    * So far we have a single guild and we are cooperating; many have created their own bases, and we're all helping out towards end-game progression
    * We're about three weeks into running the server
    * We're super-interested in a weekly raid of various end-game bosses.
If you're interested, ping me on Discord (DoogenAC) or here on the forums.

I run my environments with a "good clean fun" motto in mind, please expect to keep topics, chat, char names safe for family and safe for work.

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